Here's Your Chance To Win E-Vouchers & Save Up To 80% At Watsons' Epic 6.6 Mid-Year Sale

Check out Watsons' Play & Win game, as well as the Spend & Win contest for exciting prizes!

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This Spotlight is sponsored by Watsons.

As we stay at home to keep ourselves and everyone around us safe, shopping online is the best way to stock up on our daily essentials

Thankfully, online platforms and stores have made it so much easier for us to buy all the things we need from the comfort of our own homes. All we have to do is pick and choose what we like, and patiently wait for our purchases to arrive.

Plus, since we're already halfway through 2021, you can bet that many stores are already having mid-year sales. So, it's the opportune time to start stocking up on daily essentials before it's too late.

ICYMI, Watsons has launched their 6.6 Mid-Year Sale, and it's all exclusively online, weeee!

With discounts of up to 80% off on selected items, you'll be able to shop to your heart's content by enjoying these great deals for a limited time only.

Since this year's sale is conducted online, you won't have to worry about going out, as you can enjoy Watsons' 6.6 Mid-Year Sale safely at home.

Pssst, wanna get your hands on top-secret promo codes that can only be used on 6 June 2021? Check them out below:

1. For the whole day

- 6TEEN - RM16 off with minimum spend of RM146

- THIRTY6 - RM36 off with minimum spend of RM266

2. From 12am to 3am

- 56MYEAR - RM56 off with minimum spend of RM276

- ONE6TEEN - RM116 off with a minimum spend of RM496

3. From 9am to 3pm

- DUASIX - RM26 off with minimum spend of RM186

- FORTY6  - RM46 off with minimum spend of RM296

4. From 6pm to 12am

- 66ENAM6 - RM66 off with minimum spend of RM286

- 66MIDYS - RM116 off with minimum spend of RM506

Additionally, you can enjoy special discounts on products from brands such as VirCast Medic, Dove, La Roche-Posay, and even on Watsons Brand products too!

From now until 10 June, you'll also get to enjoy tonnes of other promos, such as hot deals from as low as RM1, special discounts off on selected items, free delivery with a minimum spend of RM100 in West Malaysia and RM150 in East Malaysia, and so much more!

Besides these fantastic deals, there's even an interactive game you can try playing to win even more discounts on top of the mid-year sale :D

Btw, the Play & Win game is suuper easy to win. However, make sure you've got an active Watsons member account before attempting it!

Here's how you can participate:

Step 1: Open this game via Watsons Malaysia's Web or Mobile App during the promotion period (1 June - 10 June 2021)

Step 2: Quickly click/tap on the 6.6 logo when it pops up to gain 150 points. Avoid the light bulbs, as they'll make you lose 50 points!

Step 3: Collect at least 660 points to get the RM13 off promo code, or 1,000 points for the RM23 off promo code before the game ends.

Once you've collected your winnings, you can apply the promo code during checkout to enjoy the promotion on your items. 

Plus, you can even participate in Watsons' Spend & Win contest, where you'll stand a chance to win e-vouchers worth RM200 for 12 months consecutively

That's right, if you are chosen as one of the the Top 6 spenders in this contest, Watsons will be rewarding you with a cash voucher worth RM200 for the next 12 months.

To be eligible, you need to spend at least once via Watsons Malaysia's website or Mobile App. The more you spend, the higher your chances of securing a spot among the Top 6 spenders. The contest is running till 10 June 2021, so make sure you've done all your Watsons shopping by then!

So, whatchu waiting for? Head on over to Watsons Malaysia's website or download the Watsons Mobile App from the Google Play Store or the App Store to enjoy these crazy discounts and sales before it's over!

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