This Website Lets Malaysians Express Their Deepest And Darkest Confessions Anonymously

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Do you have a secret that you really wanna confess but can't? (;

It's hard to keep things to ourselves sometimes because the truth is, sometimes we just can't tahan!

Maybe you're in a relationship that no one knows about, or perhaps you need to dish some dirt on the company you work for... Whatever your story is, now's the time to spill the tea (safely and anonymously!)

On a more serious note, keeping everything inside isn't healthy

Sometimes you just gotta release it to keep your mental and emotional health in a good state.

That's why it's important to have a positive outlet where you can vent and articulate how you truly feel.

Spritzer TINGE just launched TINGEpression, a safe space that empowers Malaysians to express themselves and share their stories anonymously

Image via TINGEpression

TINGEpression allows anyone and everyone to release any pent-up emotions, and speak their mind about anything. This means you no longer have to keep all those feelings to yourself.

And, who knows? Your story might resonate with others who are going through the same thing!

This can help foster a sense of community and support, which is totally awesome!

Have a look at some of these submissions from fellow Malaysians:

1. TINGEpression 004 laments about their relationship that drifted apart

2. Or check out this TINGEpression confessor whose dream is to have a cute baby

Image via TINGEpression

Wanna know how you can express yourself on TINGEpression?

Image via TINGEpression

All you gotta do is submit a confession via the TINGEpression website. :D

Don't forget to join their Facebook group!

The Facebook page admin features your confessions so that readers can give you additional insight or opinions about your submission. And as part of the group, you'll be able to read other people's confessions and comment on them too!

Image via TINGEpression

Don't worry, your identity will be kept a secret, so pour your heart out!

Let's make TINGEpression a space where we can express ourselves, receive constructive opinions from everyone, and grow as a community, so play nice nice, okay? In other words, wanna give opinions, make sure it's constructive lah. 

It's a judgment-free zone <3

Wanna be a part of the TINGEpression community? Submit your confessions here today, and don't forget to join their Facebook Group for more updates!

Image via TINGEpression

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