What You Should Do With Your Salary Vs. What You Actually Do

So many choices, but we still sometimes make the wrong ones... huhuhu.

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Every Malaysian looks forward to when gaji masuk

The last week of the month always feels the longest as we feel the pinch of our spending. It's always such a relief to see that deposit in our bank accounts when our salaries are finally in!

Unfortunately, it never lasts long. We all have bills, loans, rent, and other necessities to look after. But then, we gotta admit that sometimes we do spend our hard-earned cash on things that aren't so necessary...

Here's what you should spend your salary on vs what you actually spend your salary on:

1. You KNOW you should totally clear your PTPTN loan... but Kurt Cobain's Hotshot sneakers are now available in Malaysia!

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2. You should be putting more savings aside every month but... MATTA Fair is just around the corner and you deserve a holiday

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3. You should pay your bills but... there's a worldwide online sale that is only happening this month

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They always promise greater savings, which means we're actually saving money by spending... right? 

4. You should stay home and chill more often but... all your friends are going out and it's gonna be awesome omg

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5. You should use your money to buy groceries and meal prep for the week... but it's so much easier to eat out

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And much more expensive ahem ahem.

6. You could at least go to a cheaper restaurant or get a set lunch... but that drink looks awesome and it's been sooooo long since you had a steak

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7. You should definitely service your car, it's already overdue... but BRUNO MARS TICKETSSSS

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8. You should take the time to consider your investment options for the future... but YOLO

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You can’t change how much you earn immediately, but you can start earning more from your salary today

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