[VIDEO] Here's What's Inside Malaysia's Most Haunted House In Bukit Gasing, The SG House

Don't worry, no 'tenants' were caught in the footage.

Cover image via Corpse Army Media/JUICE & @siva_wwc (Instagram)

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The SG House requires no introduction as it is largely considered to be one of Malaysia's most haunted buildings

Just last month, SAYS reported that the infamous mansion in Bukit Gasing, Selangor was being auctioned off with the starting bid set at RM4.4 million.

While we previously covered the alleged murder that occurred inside the house, resulting in the 18,694sqft building being occupied by otherworldly 'tenants', we can now go one step further and look at what is actually inside the SG house.

Local filmmaker Siva Kumar recently shared a video in which the interior of the SG house was explored and filmed for the public to see

In the one-minute video, viewers were first shown a point-of-view (POV) shot of what it is like to enter the house through the wooden main door, which is covered in graffiti.

At first glance, the house appears to be covered in random markings, logos, and words vandalised on its walls, as one would expect from an abandoned building.

The drone then enters a room to the right of the main door, where the ceiling has collapsed to the floor, before continuing upstairs and recording the remaining rooms.

The first bedroom upstairs, on the other hand, has a much more sinister vibe

The bedroom is exactly what you'd expect from a horror film set, with a pentagram (often thought to be the devil's symbol) drawn on the wall, a filthy mattress, and pieces of broken furniture filling the interior.

While the house was empty when the footage was taken, the items inside the bedroom indicate that it had been visited by a few people after it was abandoned, possibly by thrillseekers or squatters.

We were then taken to the house's bathroom, which had a broken but still luxurious bathtub, and finally to the top floor of the building before a cheap jumpscare was shown at the end of the video.

Watch what's inside the SG House here:

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