Content Creator Mixes Pei Pa Koa With Ice Cream Sundae & Claims It's Delicious

According to the foodie, he said that his mouth felt extremely cool after having the sundae.

Cover image via @foodmakescalhappy (TikTok)

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We're always told, especially as Malaysians, to be adventurous with our food choices and combinations.

But are there some foods that may be a little too odd?

Calvin Lee has been a notable social media presence on Instagram and TikTok in Singapore, with many short videos on his journey as a foodie, trying some pretty interesting dishes and items.

However, one video may have just taken the cake — or should we say, ice cream — for being particularly intriguing.

In a 15-second clip that was posted to his TikTok page, Lee recently shared how he tried a combination of the classic cough syrup mixture, Pei Pa Koa, also known as Cap Ibu dan Anak, with a vanilla ice cream sundae.

Giving his take on the combination, Lee stated that he loved it and that his mouth felt super cool after eating it. Towards the end of the video, Lee mentioned that he would "100% try it again".

Lee mixing the Pei Pa Koa syrup with an ice cream sundae.

Image via @foodmakescalhappy (TikTok)

Garnering massive attention online, Lee's video has since received over 400,000 views at the time of writing

A fair share of commenters expressed their concern over Lee's video, with some saying that he would have a good sleep after consuming the cough syrup and ice cream.

"Sleep well," wrote one user, while another stated that they may only see Lee next month or next year.

Image via TikTok
Image via TikTok

However, there were a number of people who expressed how they, too, enjoy the taste of Pei Pa Koa.

"I found my people! I literally have this syrup as a snack sometimes," added one user, while another person even stated that they find the cough mixture delicious.

Image via TikTok
Image via TikTok
Image via TikTok

However, there were also some commenters who couldn't help but poke fun at Lee's sundae, saying that he wouldn't have a sore throat for up to a year after having the item.

"When you have a cough but want to have ice cream," joked another person in a light-hearted manner.

Some users even mentioned how the combination made the ice cream resemble a chocolate sundae.

Image via TikTok
Image via TikTok
Image via TikTok
Image via TikTok

When it comes to food, to each their own!

Watch the full TikTok below:

According to the official Cap Ibu dan Anak website, it is recommended that the maximum amount an adult can take of Pei Pa Koa is one teaspoonful three times a day.

If you didn't already know, you can ingest Pei Pa Koa by a spoonful or diluted in warm water:

This isn't the first time people have combined Pei Pa Koa with other interesting food items:

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