Someone Went Viral For Spreading Pei Pa Koa On Bread And We Have Mixed Feelings

What other unconventional spreads have you tried on your toast?

Cover image via The Wall Street Journal & Raphaella So (Facebook)

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Most of us are familiar with the traditional Chinese Nin Jiom herbal syrup (Pei Pa Koa), which helps to soothe sore throats, relieve cough, and reduce phlegm

Also known as Ubat Batuk Cap Ibu Dan Anak, Pei Pa Koa tastes sweet and minty, as it has hints of honey that drowns out the traditional herby flavour and provides a soothing and cooling sensation as you gulp it down.

As a child, you probably had to drink spoonfuls of this popular remedy whenever you fell sick. Over time, many have grown to love the syrup, and Pei Pa Koa has even been turned into a cocktail and also an ice cream flavour.

One Facebook user likes this herbal cough syrup so much that she decided to spread it on bread. According to her, Pei Pa Koa with bread tastes 'slightly sweet and very comfortable over the throat'.

Image via Facebook

In a recent Facebook post, she shares that she first posted this photo to her Instagram story after having the toast for breakfast.

Astonished at the unusual combination, someone replied to her story and mentioned that she should share this photo to the popular Facebook group subtle asian traits

Her post has since garnered over 3,900 likes and 3,500 comments at the time of writing, with many expressing mixed feelings over the unusual food combination

Some have shared how much they enjoy the taste of Pei Pa Koa.

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

However delicious it is, many can't accept the idea of turning the medicine into a snack.

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

Most people reject the mix altogether. To each their own, right?

Image via Facebook

Are you willing to try spreading Pei Pa Koa on your breakfast toast? Let us know if you like it!

If you've run out of ideas for breakfast, or are a mom who needs an innovative way to get their child to consume medicine, you might want to give it a go. Who knows, you might find your new favourite unusual food combination!

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