[VIDEO] Can You Die From A Broken Heart? Malaysians Debunk Common Heart Health Myths

Let's bust those myths, one at a time!

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How familiar are you with your heart health?

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When it comes to that blood-pumping organ that's keeping us alive, it's important to remember that we must take good care of it. Matters of the heart should never be taken lightly, and this includes being aware about the health risks associated with heart disease. 

However, this also means that we need to stick to the facts when it comes to heart health. Oftentimes, common myths can be misconstrued as the truth, which in turn causes fearmongering and panic. If we're going to practise a healthy lifestyle, we have to be able to distinguish right from wrong.

Together with Nestlé Omega Plus, we presented our colleagues with a MythBuster Challenge about everything to do with the heart and health. Jom, let's see how well (or bad :P) they did!

Watch the full video below to see what went down:

Luckily for them, they were joined by dietitian Chui Hoong, and she was ready to educate everyone about the facts regarding a healthy lifestyle. <3 

First off, they had to determine whether it's possible for someone to die from a broken heart. It turns out that it actually is true, nuuu :(

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Riyal: "Your mind, when it gets broken it actually goes into your heart. And then physically breaks it afterwards."

Jenna: "There have been times that I have been so hurt, that you just really feel pain. So yes, I think it's true." 

Riyal: "For me, it's true as well."

When Nandini guessed that men do have a higher risk of high cholesterol compared to women, Chui Hoong clarifies that it doesn't discriminate between gender

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Nandini: "And I think that having high cholesterol, doesn't it... does it not contribute to eventually getting heart disease?"

Chui Hoong: "It doesn't discriminate between, you know, gender. So, men and women can develop high cholesterol and lead to heart disease."

While Nandini believed that it possible to feel when you have high cholesterol, Riyal thinks that it is something that needs to be measured, and ding ding ding, he was right!

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Nandini: "I think it's true because on the days or months or weeks that I don't work out, and I'm not eating the things I know is good for me, I always feel like... " [appears tired]

Riyal: "I don't think such a thing exists. I think it's false, because it's something that needs to be measured and not felt." 

To practise healthy eating habits, one of the tips mentioned by Chui Hoong is to add plant sterols in your diet

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Chui Hoong: "To eat a healthy diet, you need to include, lots of vegetables again."

Nandini: "I can do that."

Chui Hoong: "Eat less salt."

Nandini: "I can do that."

Chui Hoong: "Take less saturated fat."

Nandini: "I can do that, okay, okay, I have three pointers already."

Chui Hoong: "Yes, and you can also add on by taking plant sterols."

With the MythBuster Challenge, we managed to fact-check five statements and classify them as either true or false

Here are the myths and truths our colleagues were presented with:
- One can die of a broken heart.
- Two out of five adults have high cholesterol.
- Men have a higher risk of having high cholesterol.
- High cholesterol is not genetic.
- You can feel it when you have high cholesterol. 

Wanna know the answers? Check out the full video here to find out for yourself. ;)

As explained by Chui Hoong, here's how we can practise healthy eating habits to support our heart health:
- Eat lots of fruits and vegetables 
- Consume less salt and saturated fats 
- Add plant sterols to our diet

Nestlé Omega Plus with ActiCol contains 1.2g of plant sterols that is proven effective in lowering cholesterol*. Here's how it works:

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Basically, plant sterols have a similar structure to cholesterol. Plants sterols lower blood cholesterol by blocking it from being absorbed into your bloodstream.

Two glasses of Nestlé Omega Plus with ActiCol provides 1.2g of plant sterols that is proven effective in lowering cholesterol*. Plus, this milk powder is high in calcium, contains Omega 3 and 6**, and reduced fat***.

*Thomsen et. al., 2004
**applicable to Nestlé Omega Plus powder only.

***55% less fat compared to full cream milk.

Take charge of your heart health today with Nestlé Omega Plus! Find out more here.

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