A List Of Local Brands That Sell 100% Pure Honey In Malaysia

Honey has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antioxidant properties, plus, it's yummy!

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Apparently, 90% of honey sold in Malaysia is fake, so we decided to compile a list of brands that offer pure, unadulterated honey

If you have doubts about the authenticity of your honey, this is how to check if it's genuine.

From our research, and recommendations from readers, we found many legitimate honey brands. But if you think we've missed one out that deserves to be on the list, email [email protected] to let us know!

1. My Naturi

My Naturi is a Malaysian-based superfood seller, promising premium quality at fair prices.

They offer 100% pure honey from various flower sources, including acacia flowers, linden flowers, high mountain flowers, and more.

Price range: RM25 to RM35, depending on honey type

Website | Facebook | Instagram

2. Jungle House

Image via Jungle House

Created by a husband-and-wife team, Jungle House offers 100% pure, natural, raw, organic honey from the jungles of the world, straight to your home. They also offer corporate gifts and wedding favours.

Their mission is to share quality honey to everyone, while protecting the natural ecosystem of the honeybees, and supporting local beekeepers who trek through jungles to collect honey.

Price range: RM48 to RM500, depending on size and honey type

Website | Facebook | Instagram 

3. Dorsata Honey

Produced by Apis Dorsata, a type of wild primitive bee found in Malaysian rainforests, Dorsata Honey is packed with phytonutrients.

Dorsata Honey is carefully harvested to protect the bee colonies in the wild, hence ensuring sustainability and preservation of Malaysia's forests.

Price range: RM15 to RM220, depending on size and type of honey

Website | Facebook | Instagram

4. Yummi House

Image via Yummi House

Yummi House was established in 2007 in Singapore, but set up its headquarters in Malaysia. They specialise in natural wild honey and bird's nest.

The brand offers A Class, S Class, and Premium Class natural wild honey, as well as floral honey and Yemen sidr honey. They also provide gift sets for corporate events and festive occasions. 

Price range: RM69 to RM768 for natural wild honey, depending on type

Website | Facebook | Instagram 

5. Eco Bee Shop

Image via Bee Shop

Eco Bee Shop prides itself on providing organic honey products sourced from Malaysian bee farms, and has physical stores located in Johor.

They offer a variety of honey types, including wildflower honey and jungle honey, all of which are free from additives and contaminants. Their products are also halal certified.

Price range: RM88 to RM275, depending on size and type of honey

Website | Facebook | Instagram

6. BeeBudz

BeeBudz Honey has been proven to be 100% pure by GENOM Malaysia Institute's RapidRAW Honey Analysis, and is the first in Malaysia to produce pure honey blended with real fruit extract.

Their pure honey series includes special fruity twist blends such as honey with lemon and honey with berries. Products come with no additional sugar, no artificial colouring, and no preservatives.

Price range: RM50 to RM120, depending on honey type

Website | Facebook | Instagram

7. Brainey

Image via Enrichz

A pioneer in hygienic and high quality honey, Brainey uses unique and sustainable, stingless beekeeping. Stingless bee honey has a distinctive taste — a mix of sweet and sour with a hint of fruit.

Purchasing Brainey means supporting the local stingless beekeepers' community. This local shop offers premium Madu Kelulut.

Price range: RM80 - RM270, depending on size of container


8. Melipoly

Melipoly is renowned for its commitment to producing pure and high-quality honey sourced from Malaysian rainforests.

They offer various types of honey, including Tualang, Gelam, and Kelulut honey, known for their distinct flavours and health benefits.

Price range: RM30 to RM150, depending on size

Website | Facebook | Shopee | Lazada

9. Happy Bee Farm

Nestled in the rainforest of Genting Highlands, Happy Bee Farm gives visitors a first-hand look at how a bee farm is operated. They also offer pure, natural honey, bee pollen, royal jelly, propolis, comb honey, and more.

They have three outlets in Genting, and one in Sunway Putra Mall.

Price range: RM50 to RM450, depending on size and type of honey

Website | Facebook 

10. Honey Land

Image via Honey Land

Honey Land provides 100% pure, natural, raw honey fresh from their own bee farm. All their honey is laboratory tested to prove authenticity.

They are also a trusted supplier and retailer in Malaysia, importing New Zealand Manuka honey, as well as varieties of honey from Europe and Australia. If you prefer local honey, you can get Madu Tualang, Madu Kelulut, and Madu Hutan Asli.

Honey Land products are available in pharmacies such as BIG Pharmacy and Guardian.

Price range: RM40 to RM880, depending on whether local or imported honey, and size

Website | Facebook | Instagram

11. Giant B

Image via Giant B

Established in 1978 as B-B Town Sdn Bhd, the Giant B brand continues to improve its own honey products through beekeeping, honey processing, and their packaging. The famous farm has been featured in media multiple times and provides products that are pure and genuine.

They are the biggest bee farm in Melaka and offer a variety of honey products, including propolis, pure golden honey, pure dark honey, pure tongkat ali honey, and more.

Price range: RM35 to RM85, depending on honey type and size

Website | Facebook | Shopee

12. Ee Feng Gu

Located in Cameron Highlands, Ee Feng Gu runs its own orchard and apiary. They are open daily from 8am to 7pm, offering free entrance to their bee farm.

They offer Propolis honey, Tualang honey, wild honey, and more. 

Price range: RM6.80 to RM390, depending on honey type and size

Facebook | Shopee

13. CED

Image via

CED has two types of honey — pure honey and blossom longan honey. Trusted and loved by many, CED is an organic and natural food brand specialising in pure honey, organic seeds, Himalayan salt, organic sugar, organic oats, soymilk, and other nutritious food.

Their honey can be found in supermarkets nationwide, including Lotus's, Jaya Grocer, Village Grocer, Watsons, and more.

Price range: RM6 to RM22, depending on size



Image via LOHAS

LOHAS provides 100% natural, raw, and unblended honey. The brand claims to be free of chemical residues and the honey is packed under strict quality standards. They are also certified organic by multiple government agencies from Malaysia, Australia, Japan, USA, Taiwan, and more.

They offer multiple types of honey, including organic raw red gum honey, organic Manuka honey, and organic Acacia honey, but they best known for premium raw honey.

LOHAS is available in AA Pharmacy.

Price range: RM36.90 to RM229, depending on honey type and size


15. Bayu Kelulut

Image via Bayu Kelulut

Bayu Kelulut offers stingless bee honey, which provides a unique sweet and sour taste. Their honey is KKM-certified and has been tested by both USM and UKM.

Their honey comes in two variants, multifloral and Borneo. The brand also exports to various countries around the world.

Price range: RM38 to RM240, depending on bottle size

Website | Facebook | Instagram

If you're still unsure about the authenticity of honey, do visit your local honey farm to support farmers and buy straight from the source :D

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