Sunway Pyramid Has A 'Makan Wheel' On Info Directories If You Can't Decide Where To Eat

Let the wheel decide for you.

Cover image via @binaazizz_ (TikTok)

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The age-old question of deciding where to eat can be a struggle — especially when you're 'hangry'.

But it looks like Sunway Pyramid might have solved that issue.

Just head to the digital information directory boards located all over the mall and click the 'Makan Wheel' button on the bottom of the screen

Two questions will pop up:
1. Your dietary needs: Any or Halal & Pork-Free
2. Your desired cuisine or a 'Surprise Me' button

Once you've answered the questions, the last step is to spin the wheel!

The directory board will spin a wheel and select a restaurant for you based on your answers.

Below is a glimpse of it:

If you're cool with the choice, just head to the restaurant. Otherwise, give the wheel another spin to explore more options.

TikTok user @binaazizz_ recently shared a video of her and her boyfriend testing out the Makan Wheel.

You can watch the video below:


harap settle la masalah “makan mana” hahahaha #sunwaypyramid #dateideas #boyfriend

original sound - The preppy three

There's also an online version here.

If you're sick of always wondering what to eat, get this gadget which will decide on the cuisine for you:

For more suggestions on where to eat:

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