Tealive Introduces Ready-To-Drink Brews So You Can Sip On Bubble Tea Any Time You Want

Bubble tea all day every day.

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In the beginning of MCO, Tealive came up with a way for us to get our bubble tea cravings fixed with their DIY Bubble Tea Kits. Now they're making it even easier with their new 'Just Pour It' drinks.

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Tealive's new 'Just Pour It' series features their freshly brewed milk tea and Superior Coco that's bottled and ready to drink any time

The kit comes in two sizes, regular and jumbo, that consists of:

Regular (RM55):
- One bottles of 1L Signature Milk Tea
- One bottle of 1L Superior Coco
- Two jars of 220g pearls
- One jar of 220g grass jelly

Jumbo (RM95):
- Three bottles of 1L Signature Milk Tea
- Three bottles of 1L Superior Coco
- Two jars of 220g pearls
- Two jars of 220g grass jelly
- Two jars of 220g pudding
- Two jars of 150g ready-to-eat oats

The drinks are prepared fresh daily before you get it, and does not contain any preservatives

As everything is made fresh to order, you will need to consume the bottled drinks within five days, the pearls within one day, and other toppings like oats, pudding, and grass jelly within three days.

To purchase your own 'Just Pour It' kit, head on over to Tealive's website here, Beep, or Shopee.

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If you enjoy making your bubble tea, you can get your own bubble tea kit instead:

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