6-Year-Old Sells Toys In Little Garage Sale After Seeing Orphanage Ask For Donations

"He was so happy looking through his good toys and putting them up for sale outside our home," his mother said.

Cover image via @_weahxx (Twitter)

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A sweet six-year-old boy from Kuala Lumpur organised a little garage sale to raise funds after he saw an orphanage asking for donations

His mother Nor Rabiatuladawiyah, fondly known as Adawiyah, shared the story on Twitter last week and received praise from netizens for her son's kind gesture.

She said it began when her son, Sayf Mecca, saw a Mickey Mouse mascot standing outside McDonald's one day, trying to raise money for an orphanage.

He expressed that he wanted to donate something to the charity too, and Adawiyah suggested that maybe he could sell his toys to treat the children to some Happy Meals.

The mother of two said he excitedly went home and set aside some toys to sell for RM2 to RM5 each outside their house in Ampang

"He was so happy looking through his good toys and putting them up for sale outside our home," Adawiyah said, as reported by Malay Mail.

She shared that he usually asks her or her husband for money if he wants to help the needy or the underprivileged.

"My husband and I have always educated him and told him that many people live hard lives to earn an income to help their families and we must always do what we can to help them," she said, thinking that it could because of this, he often tries to look out for others.

This time, without being handed money, she said he was still more than willing to part with toys that he had received over the last two years

"Whenever someone bought a toy, he would jump in excitement saying that he had earned RM2 or RM5," she said.

They then went to two orphanages around Kuala Lumpur to give out the meals Sayf bought with the money he raised.

"When we distributed the McDonald's Happy Meals to two of the orphanages with a total of 35 orphans last week, he was beaming with joy giving the kids the meals," the mother said.

On Twitter, netizens were touched by the young boy's kind nature and thanked Adawiyah and her husband for teaching him to be giving

"He's such a sweetheart. Well done!" said a Twitter user.

Image via Twitter

Another user said, "Big heart, little boy. Educated by smart parents. Hope he becomes a good child to his parents."

Image via Twitter

A netizen said, "Even at the age of six, his level of 'sharing is caring' is just ultra! Better than some adults. May his love and kindness spread like wildfire."

Image via Twitter

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