This Girl's Mum Was Asleep When She Decided To Go On A Pokémon Shopping Spree...

Smart girl.

Cover image via Dailymail/Bethany Howell

Earlier this month, a 6-year-old girl from Arkansas, US, decided to add new toys to her collection. But instead of asking her parents, she took matters into her own hands.

Ashlynd Howell

Image via Dailymail/Bethany Howell

Bethany Howell of Maumelle, Arkansas, had fallen asleep on the couch while her daughter, Ashlynd, was sitting nearby one evening.

"We laid there and two minutes into the movie I fell asleep because I was wiped out. On this occasion, my phone was sitting on the coffee table next to the couch," Bethany told the Dailymail.

Bethany has always allowed her daughter to use her phone to log into apps like YouTube. Little did she know, Ashlynd had something else in my mind that evening.

Ashlynd got a hold of her mother’s phone to make the purchases for some Pokémon toys. However, the device was secured by Touch ID. Rather than accept defeat, the child decided to do something that was both genius and a little scary.

The little girl used her ninja-like touch and grabbed her sleeping mum’s hand and used her finger to unlock the phone and purchase USD250 (RM1,120) worth of Pokémon toys from Amazon.

The following day, Bethany was shocked to find out that her credit card has been billed

Pokémon plushies

Image via From Japan

"We thought someone had hacked our account. But I realised it was actually Ashlynd who used my phone and ordered things," she said.

She also learned that Ashlynd was able to fill in all the details of the order, including shipping address, because of the auto-fill feature.

Sadly, little Ashlynd couldn’t keep all of the toys. Her mother returned four of them and used the rest as Christmas gifts.

The Apple Touch ID

Image via Tweak Town

Parents, start wearing gloves to bed or just go back to the good 'ol passcode because your kids are smarter than you think. ;)

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