"They Didn't Even Say Sorry" – Bakery Draws Wrong Animal On Customer's Birthday Cake

She asked for a cow.

Cover image via 美里吹水站 (Facebook)

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A woman was dumbfounded when picking up her order for a customised birthday cake at a local bakery in Miri, Sarawak, last week

Taking to community Facebook group '美里吹水站', the customer posted photos showing that she paid RM50 for a four-inch chocolate sponge cake with chocolate mousse.

The invoice showed that she wanted the cake completed in the design of a cow and with the words 'happy birthday' on it.

However, this was the cake she received

The customer said the bakery did not even apologise for the mistake

"Only now do I know what cows actually look like," she wrote sarcastically, before adding, "[The bakery] made a mistake but they didn't even say sorry, they even said I didn't give them a photo [as reference]."

To make matters worse, she also found a large crack in the frosting running down the side of the cake.

The Facebook post of the customer's complaint has since garnered over 1,200 shares and nearly 800 comments

While many netizens extended their sympathies to her over the wrong design, many others laughed at the bakery's silly blunder.

"That is a pig lah, not a cow. Hahaha. Maybe the person who made the cake just doesn't know animals," commented a Facebook user.

Image via Facebook

"Maybe it's just a cow that grew up pink," joked another netizen, whose friend said the cake made them laugh to death.

Image via Facebook

Meanwhile, other netizens questioned the price of the cake, and said it was no surprise that she received such a poorly-executed order.

"Let's not even talk about the cows or pigs yet, that's a really cheap cake," they said.

Image via Facebook

Another netizen also pointed out that the crack on the side of the cake could mean that it was not freshly made.

Image via Facebook

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