Bentong Police Help Senior Citizen Who Was Stranded On Karak Expressway At Night

The 62-year-old woman was left alone by the roadside on Karak Expressway due to the lockdown restrictions.

Cover image via POLIS Bentong (Facebook)

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On Sunday, 13 June, the Bentong district police headquarters (IPD) received a call informing them about an old woman who was left stranded on the side of the Karak Expressway

According to the IPD's Facebook post, they quickly sent out police officers who were on duty to escort the woman back to the police headquarters.

Bentong dictrict police chief Supt Zaiham Mohd Kahar said they found 62-year-old Poh.

She was dropped off by the roadside when the bus that she boarded could not enter Bentong because of the Enhanced Movement Control Order (EMCO) in that area.

Concerned by her situation, police planned to find her a hotel but Bentong was still under EMCO

So, they decided to provide her temporary refuge in a room at a Police's Family Association (Perkep) house. The housing is normally used by new recruits before they are assigned a permanent home.

On Monday morning, 14 June, the woman proceeded to leave the police housing and rent a small room in Kampung Kemansur by herself.

Surprised by her sudden departure, the Bentong police then dispatched a Women Peace Police Squad (Amanita) team to locate the woman

"She was doing fine and was safe in her new accommodation which cost RM200 a month," said Zaiham.

He also mentioned that they were more than willing to let her stay with them for as long as she wanted. "Maybe, she felt a bit guilty," he said.

Zaiham said the woman was happy with the help of the police anyway and expressed her gratitude towards the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM).

Netizens were impressed by the police's compassion and many left warm comments under the post

Even the Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) Karak branch were touched by the Bentong police's actions.

They wrote, "Great... The police and society are not separated. We are confident and we feel safe under the OCPD's leadership."

One netizen wrote, "Excellent service! Loving regardless of race, we are one family. Thank you very much. God bless you."

Another user said, "I know Tuan Zaiham is a good person and his soul is always close to the community, takes action quickly if there's a crime in the area."

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