Car Club Group Slammed For Cooking On Gas Stoves At A Petrol Station In Genting Highlands

The police station in Genting Highlands told SAYS that no police report has been filed regarding the incident.

Cover image via X

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A group of young adults has received backlash for cooking on gas stoves at a petrol station in Genting Highlands, violating basic fire safety regulations at a fuelling station

The group, believed to be members of a car club, was captured cooking at the petrol station in a one-minute video.

The video shows at least a dozen individuals parking their vehicles of the same model at the side of the petrol station, using two portable burning stoves to cook instant noodles.

"[We] went to Genting and cooked instant noodles. [It] looks like we're opening stalls and doing business here," read the video's caption.

The video also captured the sound of approaching police sirens, accompanied by the caption, "The police are here. Let's keep eating since we've already prepared our food."

The group prepared a container filled with sausages and nuggets as toppings for their instant noodles.

Image via X

The video initially surfaced on TikTok but was later removed. However, netizens reuploaded it on X, where it gained almost two million views.

"They are so stupid to cook at a petrol station. They are even [cooking] above the underground storage tank.

"These people are answerable to the law for cooking there. We saw their faces and licence plates," wrote a netizen.

"Seriously? Why don't [the petrol station employees] reprimand them from the start?" asked an X user.

Image via X

SAYS contacted the police station at Genting Highlands and was informed that no police report has been filed regarding the incident.

The video of the incident can be found below:

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