This Chinese School In Negeri Sembilan Has Only Malay Students In Its Year One Class

Only four out of 66 students at SJK(C) Chi Sin are Chinese.

Cover image via Sinchew Daily

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A small Chinese school in Batu Kikir, Negeri Sembilan, has only Malay students its Year One class in this academic year

According to Sinchew Daily, SJK(C) Chi Sin is an under-enrolled Chinese primary school with only 66 students this year.

Of the total 66 students, all 20 enrolled in Year One are Malay students.

In fact, across all school years, only four out of 66 students are Chinese, making SJK(C) Chi Sin a Malay-majority Chinese primary school.

Image via Sinchew Daily

Headmistress Won Siew Knew stated that the school stands out as a unique Chinese primary school, primarily because of the significant number of Malay students

Consequently, teachers have devised a special approach to effectively teach Mandarin to Malay students, reported Sinchew Daily.

The United Chinese School Committees Association of Malaysia, commonly known as Dong Zong, visited the school recently with researchers to observe how teachers conduct Mandarin classes for Malay students.

Image via Sinchew Daily

About 10 years ago, SJK(C) Chi Sin used to be an under-enrolled school with less than 20 students

Over the years, more local Malay parents have begun sending their children to the school.

Won noted that the school had 60 students last year, but in 2024, the number increased to 66.

There are 20 students in Year One, 11 in Year Two, 10 in Year Three, 12 in Year Four, four in Year Five, and nine in Year Six.

Image via Sinchew Daily

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