No More Cables: New 100kW Wireless EV Charger Technology Set To Make Charging Hassle-Free

It can charge electric vehicles as fast as a wallbox charger.

Cover image via New Atlas & Ed Harvey/Pexels

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Engineers have recently made a significant breakthrough in developing an efficient wireless charging system for electric vehicles (EVs)

Image via New Atlas

A team of engineers at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), a US-funded research centre in Tennessee, has recently unveiled what they consider to be the fastest and most powerful wireless EV charger to date.

The ORNL team has developed a wireless charging pad equipped with a lightweight polyphase electromagnetic coupling coil design. This innovation allows for the transfer of power to an EV at a remarkable output of up to 100kW at 96% efficiency, comparable to some of the fastest cabled charging stations currently available today.

Several leading automakers have explored wireless charging for EVs, but various challenges have impeded progress

Image via New Atlas

BMW achieved approximately 3.2kW with its 2019 system, but faced limitations. Similarly, Genesis, the luxury division of Hyundai Motor Group, discontinued its research into the technology due to lacklustre customer interest.

Tesla has expressed its commitment to advancing wireless charging technology, as indicated by Tesla chief designer Franz von Holzhausen in a conversation with TV personality Jay Leno. While specifics regarding charging speeds were not disclosed, von Holzhausen mentioned the company's intention to develop a solution that eliminates the need for cables in Tesla owners' garages.

Volvo has also made significant strides in wireless charging, achieving commendable charging speeds. Its wireless technology has delivered approximately 40kW of charging power to a limited fleet of fully electric Volvo XC40 Recharge vehicles in Gothenburg, Sweden, over several years.

This technology, while still in its infancy, shows a lot of potential

Despite being in its early stages, the technology shows a lot of promise and potential, such as a more streamlined charging infrastructure. Wireless EV charging may solve a lot of issues that are currently facing EV owners and automakers.

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