Tesla Launches Its Largest Supercharging Station In Southeast Asia And It's In Malaysia

Even more reason to consider owning a Tesla.

Cover image via Tesla (Provided to SAYS)

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Tesla has just launched its largest Supercharging facility in Southeast Asia, and it's located in the middle of Selangor!

Gamuda Cove, Selangor, is now home to Southeast Asia's largest Tesla Supercharging facility. This milestone reflects Tesla's commitment to accelerating the world's transition to sustainable energy. Collaborating with Gamuda Land, Tesla aims to develop a nature sanctuary and a smart, sustainable city.

Launched today, 20 March, the Supercharging station at Gamuda Cove contains six Superchargers and 18 destination chargers, marking a significant advancement in enhancing accessibility and convenience for electric vehicle owners in the area.

Tesla plans to continue expanding its charging infrastructure and network in Malaysia, with more Tesla charging stations expected to become operational in the coming months.

Gamuda Cove's Superchargers are accessible throughout the day

The Supercharging rates remain consistent at RM1.25/kWh, with an idle fee of RM4 a minute when the Supercharging station is fully occupied to deter hogging. Meanwhile, the destination chargers are currently free for Tesla owners to use until further notice.

Tesla aims to provide a comprehensive charging solution and a seamless Tesla experience through a "plug in, charge, and go" concept. With the Tesla App, users can easily view the availability of Superchargers, navigate to them, and monitor the charging status. Payments for Supercharging are automatically processed through the payment method stored in the Tesla App, empowering Tesla owners to enjoy the freedom of travel and the ease of charging without hassle.

Tesla has so far launched seven Supercharging stations and nine destination charging stations in Malaysia

This totals up to 36 Supercharger bays and 55 destination charger bays. In addition to supporting travel between Malaysia and Singapore, Tesla continues to expand its charging network into Singapore, with a total of 11 Supercharging stations and nine Destination Charging stations.

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