Man Apologises Over 'Allah' Socks Comment After Getting Doxxed & Confronted By Silat Group

The man's situation is one of several recent doxxing cases related to the controversy.

Cover image via Facebook

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A man who was doxxed by netizens for posting insensitive comments on Facebook regarding the 'Allah' socks issue has apologised in a video after his leaked information led a silat group to confront him

The doxxing — the act of searching and publishing private information of an individual on the Internet — is believed to have begun on Sunday, 17 March, after the man posted at least two insensitive Facebook posts regarding the issue.

In one of the posts, the man said the socks bearing the word 'Allah' should not be considered offensive because it meant that "Allah will protect you from head to feet, [not leaving any part] behind".

The man from Kuala Lumpur added that KK Super Mart should not have apologised over the controversy.

In a separate post, he photoshopped a photo of himself onto a pair of blue socks, saying, "I'm insulting myself. Who wants to buy [my socks]? If this post gets more than 1,000 likes, I will list the socks on Shopee."

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

Both Facebook posts have since been taken down, but that did not stop disgruntled netizens from doxxing him by publishing his personal information on Facebook

SAYS sighted over a dozen posts disclosing the man's full name, identification card number, phone numbers, email address, and home address on Facebook.

Many of these posts remain online at the time of writing.

Image via Facebook

After his personal information was leaked, a silat exponent known as Panglima Aduka, along with his friends, confronted the man and filmed a five-minute video with him

In the video, the man appears nervous as he apologises for his insensitive comments.

"I wish to apologise to all Muslims and those who were offended by my postings. I am saddened and I regret my actions.

"Thank you to Panglima Aduka and his friends for advising me on the word 'Allah', which I had misused. Malaysians, please forgive me," says the man.

Panglima Aduka reminds the man that the word 'Allah' is sacred, and that his sarcastic comments were uncalled for.

"Allah's teachings belong to Muslims and we were offended [by your comments]. We are willing to sacrifice our lives for Islam.

"That's why we met you before people got angry, to give you a chance to explain yourself," says the silat exponent, who runs a martial arts studio.

Image via Facebook

The five-minute video was posted on both the man and Panglima Aduka's social media accounts

This incident is just one of several cases where netizens have doxxed individuals for making insensitive and offensive comments regarding the 'Allah' socks issue.

According to Malaysiakini, a man in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, was confronted by a group of men after dismissing the controversy as a non-issue in the comments section under a New Straits Times report.

The individual also made derogatory remarks about Prophet Muhammad and Islam while responding to other netizens in the comments section.

Meanwhile, the top management of Xin Jian Chang Sdn Bhd, the supplier of the controversial socks, was also doxxed, reported the New Straits Times.

The company staff's personal information, such as residential addresses, was leaked on social media. In a statement, the company said that it had also received threats of arson.

Below is the video of Panglima Aduka confronting the man:

Earlier this week, a Universiti Malaya professor expressed her disagreement with "religious zealots" regarding the issue:

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