Dyson's New Hairdryer Includes Sensors To Keep Your Hair From Drying Out

This is the first major upgrade to the popular hairdryer after almost a decade.

Cover image via Dyson (Provided to SAYS)

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Dyson has introduced the first significant update to its popular Supersonic hair dryer in eight years

The new Dyson Supersonic Nural is a flagship haircare tool packed with innovative features aimed at enhancing scalp care. Available in two new colour combinations — purple and orange (Vinca Blue and Topaz) or turquoise and orange (Ceramic Patina and Topaz) — this model showcases transparent plastic on the back of the device, offering a glimpse into the densely packed circuit board that powers the device's advanced functionalities.

Here's what makes the hairdryer unique:

The Dyson Supersonic Nural hairdryer introduces advanced features that enhance user experience and optimize haircare routines.

The hairdryer can automatically recognise which attachment is connected, adjusting the heat and airflow speed accordingly. Thanks to built-in memory, it recalls the last settings used with each attachment, streamlining the setup process for users.

The Supersonic Nural is also equipped with a Time of Flight (ToF) sensor, commonly found in smartphones for depth-sensing capabilities. This sensor enables the hairdryer to maintain a consistent temperature of 55°C, regardless of the distance between the device and the user's head. This prevents overheating and drying out your hair and scalp.

The Dyson Supersonic Nural hairdryer also features a motion-sensing accelerometer which automatically deactivates the heater, decreasing airflow and noise.

By leveraging these technologies, Dyson ensures that users' scalps are protected from excessive heat exposure during styling sessions.

The Supersonic Nural hairdryer is not available in Malaysia yet

However, if you're keen on getting the advanced Dyson hairdryer, you can sign up for the launch notification here.

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