[VIDEO] Family Bids A Tearful Farewell To Maid Who Took Loving Care Of Them For 6 Years

"You took care of my daughter since she was born until she started primary school this year," the woman wrote.

Cover image via Mengli Tan (Facebook)

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Domestic workers usually go under-appreciated, yet they are an integral part of most Malaysian households.

Over time, these "kakaks" become bona fide family members, and when it's time to part, it can be heart-wrenching for the entire family.

A woman recently posted about one such instance on Facebook, uploading videos of the emotional goodbye between her family and their domestic worker who had been with them for six years.

"Thank you for the six years of hard work you've dedicated to our family. Now you're going out to find your own happiness. I wish you all the best in the future. I am really reluctant to let you leave," the woman wrote.

"You took care of my daughter since she was born until she started primary school this year. Thank you for treating my child like your own. Thank you for fattening us up these past six years by cooking us delicious food."

In the videos, the woman, her mother, and her three children can be seen woefully bidding their final farewell to the maid, who was in tears herself

One by one, she hugs every single member of the family, tears streaming down their cheeks.

The children are sobbing the loudest of all, distraught at the departure of their now-former maid who had become a secondary mother figure to them.

The maid then picks up the woman's youngest daughter, holding her one last time, before leaving the home and three mournful kids behind. 

Watch the touching videos here:

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