Rescuer Shares Heartbreaking Video Of Dog Waiting In The Rain For Owner To Come Back

She advised people not to own dogs if they are going to dump them on the streets.

Cover image via @pawsome.rescue.aid (Instagram) & @lunaaaa72 (Twitter)

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A woman from Perak recently shared about a dog who has been waiting months by a roadside for its owner to come back

Twitter user @lunaaaa72 uploaded a heartbreaking video of it waiting by the busy Ipoh-Lumut Highway and not moving despite the heavy rain on Monday, 4 October.

"Please don't ever get a dog if you are only going to dump it," she begged.

The woman, who is an independent animal rescuer, said local feeders have seen the dog there all the time since it was dumped.

"This doggy has been there in the same spot for months, rain or shine, waiting for his owner to take him back," she said.

Speaking to SAYS, Thibhika said she comes across the dog every time she drives back from Kuala Lumpur for work

It will undeniably be at the same junction under a tree — at the Jalan Lahat intersection of the Ipoh-Lumut Highway (just after the Shell petrol station) — which was why she reached out to the local dog community to find out more.

She hoped that by sharing its story on Twitter, someone will come forward to give the dog a loving home.

The post was quickly retweeted over 4,300 times, with netizens also hoping it will reach someone who is able to adopt or foster

"I cried when I saw this footage. Dogs are so loyal no matter how cruelly they are treated. I'm in no doubt that this dog has now found a loving home. God bless animal lovers," said a Twitter user.

Image via Twitter

Another user said, "Please whoever is nearby, adopt him and give him his forever home. I can't hold my tears. Looking at this footage, he deserves a loving and caring owner. Please adopt this doggy, he is also a creature of God and requires love and care."

Image via Twitter

Meanwhile, this Twitter user agreed with the woman's message about dog-dumping: "Abandoned dogs might develop separation anxiety during the process and could create problems in the future. Please don't get a dog if you can't take care of them."

"I want a dog, but I can't right now, so I don't get a dog. As simple as that."

Image via Twitter

Thankfully, in less than 24 hours, Thibhika said someone has agreed to adopt the dog

"Quite a number of people from Ipoh reached out, even KL and Penang!" she told SAYS.

She added that another kind soul has volunteered to catch and neuter the dog before passing it on to the adopter.

However, Thibhika said she is not sure when the plan to catch the dog will be executed — as they hope not to spook the dog in the middle of the busy highway — but she will keep social media updated.

She also welcomed others to lend a helping hand at retrieving the dog, and many others nearby, off the streets.

"Next to this junction is a landfill where many people take advantage to dump their pets. Feeders are having a tough time feeding them daily, so I'd like to urge more people to come over and feed them, and maybe adopt those dogs, if possible!" she said.

Animals hold no prejudice and most times help us more than we help them:

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