Interactive Water Feature At TRX Playground Damaged Less Than A Week After Opening

"So tired of seeing this," said an X user.

Cover image via TikTok & @SkyscrapersMY (X)

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In less than a week after The Exchange TRX's opening, an interactive water feature at the mall's outdoor playground has been closed for repair

In a viral post on X by @SkyscrapersMY, the game was purportedly damaged by irresponsible families with children.

The photos uploaded by the page showed barriers set up around the water feature to prevent people from using it.

"Less than a week after opening, the interactive water game at The Exchange TRX has already been damaged and temporarily closed.

"The game is indeed for children to play with water, but it is not a pool for bathing or wallowing in," it said.

Before its closure, there were already several videos capturing the concerning crowd and antics of some visitors at the water play area

While there were children playing around the water fountains as intended, there were countless more sitting inside the interactive water feature that is now broken.

"It's like a water park now, I don't even think that spiral thing is for children to bathe in.

"Mums and dads, please bring your children to the designated areas if they want to play with water. So tired of seeing this," said an X user, who reposted the viral video from TikTok.

Image via TikTok

Both posts have drawn disappointment from the majority of netizens, who blamed parents for not educating their children

"Do the parents have common sense? Does that look like a bathing place to you?" questioned a user.

"First class facilities, but third class mentality," said another.

Someone even pointed out that there is an instruction board by the playground showing visitors how to play with the interactive elements of the water feature.

Image via X

Unfortunately, this is not the first time Malaysians have been called out for vandalism and bad behaviour in public spaces:

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