Korean Man Finds RM398,423 Worth Of Cash In A Secondhand Fridge He Bought Online

However, instead of keeping the money, the man handed it over to the authorities.

Cover image via National Institute of Korean Language/Wikipedia & MBC Newsdesk

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After purchasing a secondhand kimchi fridge online, a man in South Korea stumbled upon a peculiar "free gift" that came with the appliance

According to the longest-running newscast in South Korean television, MBC Newsdesk, the man found thousands of KRW50,000 bills while cleaning the fridge.

The money, which totalled up to KRW110 million (RM398,423), was hidden underneath the appliance and it was covered in plastic and tape.

Instead of keeping the money for himself, the Jeju resident went to lodge a police report

Allkpop reported that police are currently investigating the sellers and freight operators to determine the exact source of the money.

Authorities are holding onto the money temporarily and are checking various surveillance cameras to identify the owner.

Image via MBC Newsdesk

South Korean law states that money will go to the person who found it if the owner does not appear within six months

The Lost and Found Act also notes that the acquiree must pay 22% of the total amount found in tax.

If the owner is found, a 5% to 20% compensation will be paid to the acquiree. However, the money will be attributed to the state if the money is found to be related to a crime, reported Allkpop.

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