Kuching Man High On Drugs Breaks Into House... But Finds Out Owner Is A Cop

The suspect tested positive for meth and held past criminal records.

Cover image via Sarawak Version (Facebook) & Info Roadblock JPJ/POLIS (Facebook)

On Tuesday, 24 November, a 22-year-old man under the influence of drugs broke into a house owned by a policeman in Taman Sourabaya Indah, Kuching

According to Berita Harian, the incident happened at 3.30am, when the policeman woke up after hearing suspicious noises.

He determined that the noises came from the front door of his house and went to arrest the suspect himself.

Kuching district police chief ACP Awang Din Awang Gani stated that the police officer acted quickly and managed to arrest the suspect before sending him to a nearby police station.

A urine test showed that the suspect tested positive for methamphetamine

Background checks also found that he has criminal records for three offences in the past.

"The case is still being investigated under Section 448 of the Penal Code," said ACP Awang Din.

On 3 November, four suspects who killed a policeman in Johor were tested positive for drugs:

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