Lamborghini Driver Parks Over White Line But Scolds Car Next To It For Parking Badly

The luxury car owner called the Honda driver "jealous" and "poor in finance and EQ".

Cover image via SG Road Vigilante (Facebook)

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A Lamborghini driver in Singapore is being called out for her rude behaviour and lack of common sense after she criticised a Honda Civic owner for parking too close to her car

The luxury car owner took to her Instagram Stories upon returning to a car park and finding that she had no space to open her car door to enter the driver's seat.

Frustrated, she took a photo of the grey Honda Civic parked next to her and blamed its owner for causing the predicament.

She called the Honda driver "jealous" and "psycho"

"This Honda owner is not only poor in finance but also poor in EQ, that's why he purposely parked like this," she complained on her personal account.

"If you think I cannot open the door, you are wrong man! You will see what are the troubles I created (sic) for you then," she threatened.

However, the image she uploaded visibly shows that the Honda had parked properly within the parking space and it was her pastel pink Lamborghini that had crossed over the white line.

The incident was shared on public Facebook page SG Road Vigilante, which at the time of writing, has garnered over 3,000 shares and 800 comments

The Facebook post on 8 July also highlighted that the Gallardo LP550-2 SMT's owner had been driving without a valid road tax since 27 June.

According to Singapore's Land Transport Authority, it is an offence to drive a vehicle with expired road tax, punishable by a fine of up to SGD2,000 (RM6,200).

Unsurprisingly, netizens lambasted the Lamborghini driver for being blind to her own mistakes and for looking down on others

"Can't even park properly and want to complain door can't open. At least the Honda is parked properly," said a Facebook user.

This netizen said, "You wrongly parked, yet cursing others. Just because your car is big and you're rich, you think you are right?"

Another commented, "Remarked people poor EQ, she need a mirror for herself."

A Twitter user made 'You park like an idiot' cards so people can leave them on windshields of drivers who can't park properly:

Some Malaysians have their own terrible attitudes when it comes to parking:

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