M'sian And S'porean Students In Australia Left With Injuries After Alleged Racist Attack

The victims are now afraid of stepping outside of their house.

Cover image via 9News

Warning: This story contains descriptions of assault that may cause discomfort to some readers.

A pair of Malaysian and Singaporean students were physically assaulted in Melbourne, Australia last Wednesday, 15 April

According to The Straits Times, the students from the University of Melbourne were out for a grocery run at about 5.30pm when two Caucasian women started following them.

The women reportedly hurled racist slurs at the 20-year-old Malaysian and 18-year-old Singaporean, calling them "coronavirus" repeatedly.

Mothership reported that the students tried to walk away but it came to a brawl after one of the women said, "We are going to f*cking kill you. Come back here, c*nt."

One of the attackers threw a portable speaker at them, leading to one of the students retaliating in self-defence.

A viral video capturing the incident shows one of the students being repeatedly hit on the head before being dragged to the ground.

The fight was stopped after a passer-by holding a dog intervened.

A police report was lodged against the attackers following the incident

The undergraduates went to a hospital to get their injuries checked.

The Singaporean student did not suffer any serious injuries other than some swelling on her head, as well as a few scratches on her hands and knees.

"Honestly, physically, it wasn't that bad because I protected myself. But it was more of a mental trauma. Now, we are scared to even go out," the student told Mothership.

"We get warier of white people, especially if they come up to us or are running towards us."

The duo have not left the house since filing the police report after the assault.

Image via 9News

The University of Melbourne has since come to defend the students, calling the attackers a "disgrace" to Australia

In a press release published on its website, Vice-Chancellor Duncan Maskell expressed his shock that the students were targeted in a deplorable and unprovoked attack in the city.

"There is no place for violence in a modern, future-facing society like Australia," said Professor Maskell, adding that the university will provide any help the students may need.

"These senseless and vicious attacks on two young women must never be tolerated in our community. The people who did this are a disgrace."

Local news station 9News has also reported the mayor of Melbourne and the premier of Victoria condemning the attackers.

Lord Mayor Sally Capp said Melbourne has no place for violence as it does not reflect the city's welcome of people from all over the world to live and study there.

On Sunday, 19 April, one of the attackers was charged in court but was released on bail

Jakkara Brigham, 21, was released on bail after appearing in Melbourne Magistrates' Court.

Image via 9News

9News reported Jakkara Brigham crying in Melbourne Magistrates' Court when the 21-year-old learned that she could be behind bars for one whole year before she could get a hearing.

However, she was later spotted laughing with the guards after finding out that she had avoided jail time.

The police are currently trying to identify the second woman involved in the assault.

You can watch the video of the assault here:

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