Honest M'sian Returns Wallet Filled With Cash & Only Accepts SGD2 For Teh Tarik As Reward

He said the wallet owner offered him a large amount of money as a token of appreciation, but he politely declined.

Cover image via Zimmy Peter Bagang (Facebook)

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A Malaysian working in Singapore recently stumbled upon a wallet with hundreds of Singaporean dollars in it and promptly returned it to its owner within a day

With zero intention of keeping the money for himself, Zimmy Peter Bagang quickly took to social media to locate the wallet's owner after he found it on the ground at Changi Business Park while walking home from work at 9pm on Wednesday, 21 February.

There was SGD482.50 (approximately RM1,700) in cash and an identification card in the wallet.

As it was dark, Zimmy said he quickly returned home to Johor before putting up a post about the lost wallet in the Malaysia-Singapore Border Crossers Facebook group, hoping to find its owner.

"I didn't think the post would go viral," he later said.

A screenshot of Zimmy's original post about the lost wallet.

Image via Zimmy Peter Bagang (Facebook)

Less than an hour after publishing the Facebook post on Thursday morning, 22 February, Zimmy was contacted by a friend of the wallet's owner

By 4pm in the afternoon, the wallet was safely back in the hands of a Chinese man named Wang, who was absolutely grateful for Zimmy's kind deed.

"Mr Wang offered me quite some amount of money as a token of appreciation, and he did not want to move until I accepted the money.

"But I turned him down nicely and told him that it was too much," said Zimmy.

In the end though, Zimmy said he accepted SGD2 (RM7) from the man who kept insisting that he should receive something.

"Not to disappoint him, I told Mr Wang that I could only accept the two coins, not more than that. Just enough for me to buy teh tarik," he said.

In a subsequent Facebook post, Zimmy expressed his awe for the power of social media, which helped him find the wallet's owner so quickly

Speaking to mStar, he also said he was grateful and relieved to be able to return the lost wallet to its rightful owner.

As a Malaysian who works in Singapore, he advised others to also be honest and responsible when chancing upon another person's missing belongings, which happens often, while commuting every day.

"We should return them as quickly as possible and not make things difficult for others," he said.

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