Local Production Company Distributes Food Supplies To Those In Film & Television Industry

If you require food aid, visit the company's Facebook page.

Cover image via Mutlmedia Entertainment

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Local production company Multimedia recently launched a food aid programme dedicated to helping the film and television industry

Knowing how much the Enhanced Movement Control Order (EMCO) has impacted those within the industry, Multimedia took the initiative to assist their peers and reach out to those in need. So far, they've already prepared and distributed 202 food supplies to production crews in Klang Valley.

You can watch the video of their food aid programme here:

According to Group Managing Director of Multimedia Datuk Steven Lim Boon Siong, since the implementation of the first MCO last year, many in the film and television industry have been affected

Image via Malay Mail

Lim shared that restrictions for those in the film and television industry badly affected the production plannings, causing unwanted huge losses.

"Many film and television crews, including actors, are working on a freelance basis without a proper production company. This restriction has caused production crews to not gain any income during such a difficult time. 

"Every individual involved in this industry is important. This is because we need each other. I believe there is a solution for every obstacle. As long as we work together, we can definitely eliminate this pandemic!" said Lim. 

"This aid plan will continue as long as there are still people to help. We welcome the public to join hands in helping any industry that is affected by the pandemic," added Lim.

In fact, Multimedia even laid out several phases for their food aid programme. They are already in the midst of preparation for the second phase of distributing 300 food supplies. 

Since its inception, Multimedia's food aid programme also garnered attention, which led to Iskandar Malaysia Studio (IMS), along with fellow local and international film makers, showing their support. With this collaboration, the third phase of the food aid distribution is set to kick off soon. 

Besides distributing food supplies to the film and television industry, Multimedia also collaborated with the Malaysian Red Crescent (Chapter Klang) Society to sponsor and prepare around 500 warm meals daily for frontliners

The meals are delivered to healthcare workers on duty at vaccination and assessment centres, police officers, and Armed Forces in Klang Valley.

"It was a meaningful mission to see a multi-ethnic voluntary effort from all walks of life. Teachers, retirees, professionals, members of Malaysian Red Crescent Society, and our company staff gathered to prepare the cooking ingredients.

"Together, they cooked, packed, and delivered the hot meals to the frontliners," he said. 

Those in the film and television industry who require food aid can apply via Multimedia's Facebook page

Currently, Multimedia is only giving out food supplies to those in need within Klang Valley. 

Here are other ways you can seek help or help out those in need:

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