MyBurgerLab Is Paying Their Staff To Help Senior Citizens And OKU With Their Errands

If you know someone who needs help, contact them.

Cover image via myBurgerLab/Facebook & SJ Echo/Facebook

It has not been an easy time for many, especially the elderly and those who have issues with mobility

At the start of the Movement Control Order (MCO), supermarkets like Jaya Grocer and Mydin USJ 1 extended their opening hours to cater to the elderly and OKU.

Malaysian MPs also set up hotlines for senior citizens to make it easier for them to get groceries. 

Wanting to chip in, myBurgerLab is now getting their available employees to run errands for the elderly and those who struggle with mobility

The local F&B outlet shared that as a result of only doing deliveries and takeaways, many of their part-time staff have slightly more time on their hands and have agreed to use it wisely.

The team is offering to help any elderly or OKU people to get their errands done, such as grocery shopping or other tasks that allow for social distancing

If they accept the 'job' offer, myBurgerLab 'geeks' will be paid in return by the company.

"It's not much, but it’s a little that we can contribute to," read their Facebook post.

If you know someone who could use the help or if you need assistance, fill in this form

Due to the limited number of available staff, the submission of a form does not guarantee the placement of one of their 'geeks' to assist you.

However, the team will go through each form and assign the task accordingly on a priority-basis.

Do you know any elderly or OKU folks who need a hand? Share this with them!

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