Mydin Calls For Urgent Action Over The Shortage Of Eggs In The Market

According to Ameer Ali Mydin, producers are saying the shortage is due to the cost of production being higher than the ceiling price set for eggs.

Cover image via The Malaysian Reserve & Hafiz Sohaimi/theSundaily

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Back in October, Malaysian farmers warned that there would be a shortage of eggs ahead of the end-of-year season.

However, the issue hasn't been resolved as Mydin's managing director, Ameer Ali Mydin, recently sounded the alarm over the supply of eggs in the market.

"We have checked on the ground, at various supermarkets and hypermarkets across the country. As of 10am, there were empty shelves everywhere," Ameer told Free Malaysia Today yesterday, 28 November.

Following the change of government, Ameer said that people have been posting photos of fully stocked supermarkets and saying that the egg shortage has been resolved.

"People shouldn't expect miracles. I'm sure Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is aware of the shortage and is looking into it," he said, referring to the 10th Prime Minister.

"According to the producers, the problem is due to the cost of production being higher than the ceiling price set for eggs, which has resulted in the shortage."

Image via Berita Pas

In addition, Ameer suggested that the government remove the ceiling price for eggs

It was previously reported that the retail price ceilings for Grade A, B, and C eggs are 45 sen, 43 sen, and 41 sen, respectively, in Malaysia.

The ceiling price varies by zone and district in Langkawi, Sabah, Sarawak, and Labuan.

"If the government decides to keep the ceiling price, it should consider prohibiting egg exports to Singapore and Hong Kong to assure continuous supply for the domestic market," he stated.

Concerns were raised that Malaysia might be running out of time to address egg scarcity

Ameer is highly concerned, as there will be many ceremonies coming up in the next few months, and eggs are one of the necessities in making many dishes and desserts.

"Christmas is approaching, and Chinese New Year is in January. Since Hari Raya falls in April, those who bake Hari Raya cookies usually start doing so in January," he said.

"If the egg shortage continues, you won't have enough cookies, and the prices will increase."

In July, the KPDNHEP Melaka director suggested netizens eat fewer eggs to counter rising prices of goods:

People have been urging the authorities to take action immediately after complaints about the shortage of eggs have been surfacing since last month:

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