PH Sg Bakap By-Election Candidate Recreates Viral "One By One" Incident In Campaign Video

The video shows all three men enjoying a durian together.

Cover image via @cikgujoo (X)

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The Sungai Bakap by-election is scheduled for 6 July, and one of the candidates is hoping to win over voters by recreating the infamous "one by one, gentleman" viral video

Unless you have been living under a rock, the term "one by one, gentleman" became popular early last month after a video showing two men fighting inside a convenience store in Penang went viral.

In the original video, the store's owner challenged a customer to a one-on-one fight after the latter provoked him with a motorcycle helmet. The fight resulted in the owner thrashing the troublemaker.

The original video, widely circulated on social media, brought both men trouble and fame, with the owner of the convenience store even being interviewed by BFM 89.9.

Now, Joohari Ariffin, Pakatan Harapan's candidate in the Sungai Bakap by-election, has recreated the fight between the two men, Goh Yap Eng and P Inthiran, in an attempt to fish for votes from the Chinese and Indian communities in Sungai Bakap, according to Bernama.

In the campaign video, Joohari plays a peacemaker who tries to promote racial unity with a durian.

Instead of swinging a helmet, Inthiran is seen wielding a cleaver

He is also seen holding a helmet, and asking Goh to "come out lah!"

"You're also a gentleman. I'm a gentleman. Today, do you want to 'one by one'?"

The video then cuts to show the PH election candidate trying to defuse the situation.

"Relax. What happened?" he asks Inthiran, who wasn't holding a cleaver in the original fight video.

Joohari then urges Inthiran to drop the cleaver, saying it's dangerous. However, he is surprised when Inthiran shows a durian hidden inside his helmet and invites Goh to a "one by one" to enjoy the fruit.

The video then cuts to all three enjoying the durian together.

The campaign video then sees Joohari sharing the message of unity among the three main races in Malaysia, saying we are all a family

"We must sit together, live together, and be united. Only then can we move forward. Remember, Cikgu (Joo) likes it like this," said Joohari while holding Goh and Inthiran's hands in the video.

The video has gone viral on his social media accounts, receiving thousands of likes and comments.

Watch the campaign video here:

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