Pahang Police Dog Passes Away From Old Age After 11 Years Of Service

In his more than a decade of service, Bad successfully took down two major drug syndicates.

Cover image via Friends Of PDRM (Facebook)

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Bad, a labrador that served in the K9 Criminal Investigation Department of IPK Pahang, breathed his last yesterday, 4 July, at 3pm

Originally from Germany, Bad was 13 years and eight months old – or 91 years old in human years – when he left Earth due to old age, according to Friends Of PDRM.

In an interview with Malay Mail, the department's technical assistance division (D6) officer-in-charge Asst Supt Chia Che Chau said Bad had been showing signs of deterioration more than a week before his passing.

"He had been refusing food except when fed by his handler Corp Willen anak Slamping @ Sirampin," he was quoted as saying.

The labrador was brought to a veterinarian, but sadly, there was nothing much that could have been done due to his old age.

Bad joined the contingent on 4 August 2011 when he was three years old and specialised in detecting various types of drugs under the care of Willen

During his 11 years of service, Bad successfully took down two major drug syndicates in 2012 and 2014.

Bad was buried next to his fellow comrade, Tho, who passed away on 19 September 2020

To honour the loyal doggo's service, members of the Criminal Investigation Department paid their last respects in a memorial park at Alor Akar in Kuantan.

The memorial site will be upgraded and beautified to commemorate dogs that died while serving the contingent.

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