[VIDEO] CCTV Catches Postman Shooting An Elastic Band At A Dog In Johor

An animal rights group states the dog was injured in its left eye.

Cover image via Malaysia Homeless Dog Movement (Facebook) & Malaysia Independent Animal Rescue (Facebook)

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UPDATE: Pos Malaysia has identified the postman and will suspend him according to the outcome of the investigation

In a press release, Pos Malaysia said they truly regret the action taken by their postman and are still probing the matter.

"Pos Malaysia will not tolerate such misconduct from any of our employees and will not hesitate to take stern action, which includes termination of service," a spokesperson said.

A Pos Malaysia postman has been caught on video allegedly shooting an elastic band at a dog and injuring it in one eye

The 21-second closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage has gone viral on Facebook, showing the postman waiting outside a house compound while watching a dog bark at him from inside the gate.

The video then shows the man stretching and shooting what appears to be an elastic rubber band towards the dog. The dog is suddenly seen flinching and running away.

The timestamp on the viral video shows the incident occurred on Monday, 22 February, around 1.30pm.

According to a local animal rights group, the dog's owner will be making a police report regarding the incident

Malaysia Independent Animal Rescue shared in a Facebook post that the dog owner from Kluang, Johor, has been in contact with their founder.

The group states that the dog was injured in its left eye, and according to a photo shared in the post, the owner found the rubber band used to shoot his dog in his house compound.

The animal rescue organisation said they have also advised the dog owner to contact Lawyers for Animal Rights to pursue legal action against the postman.

Pos Malaysia said they will be investigating the case

A Pos Malaysia spokesperson told Free Malaysia Today that they will take action against the postman if found guilty.

Lawyers for Animals Rights also released a statement condemning the act and urged Pos Malaysia to lodge a police report against their staff and not to remain complicit with the incident.

Watch the video here.

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