Postman Makes Amends With Pet Owners After Shooting Their Dog With A Rubber Band

The married couple accepted his apology and even encouraged him to move forward from his mistake.

Cover image via Malaysia Homeless Dog Movement (Facebook) & Aku Budak Kluang (Facebook)

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The postman who injured a dog in Johor by shooting it with an elastic band has since made amends with the pet's owners

The postman initially sparked outrage on social media after closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage of the incident went viral on Monday, 22 February.

He was suspended from work by Pos Malaysia and is pending termination based on internal investigations.

The postman, now known as Dollah, has since expressed regret over his actions and admitted his wrongdoing

According to Facebook community page Aku Budak Kluang, Dollah went back to the house to make amends with the pet dog's owners, married couple Siva and Magesh, on Friday, 26 February.

The meeting was arranged by local actor Shahrol Shiro, on behalf of Kluang UMNO Youth and a few local non-governmental organisations, acting in good faith.

"I was stressed. It was unintentional. I didn't mean to hurt the dog, I only wanted to tease it," Dollah shared with Shahrol when asked about the incident.

They hope that with the public apology, Pos Malaysia will allow him to return to work as it was his only source of income for himself and his wife.

With Shahrol's help, Siva and Magesh agreed to meet Dollah and accept his apology

In a video of the meeting shared by Aku Budak Kluang, Dollah appeared to be holding back tears as he apologised to Siva at his workplace.

"I am truly sorry. You know my job as a postman, it doesn't pay much. I'm afraid I'll lose my career. I'm really sorry," Dollah apologised repeatedly.

Meanwhile, Siva said, "I don't want this issue to prolong further too. I know it's stressful working as a postman in the heat and rain. I understand."

Reaching an understanding, the postman also presented Siva with a hamper in apology.

In the video, Magesh also spoke to Dollah and encouraged him to move forward from his mistake

She told him that there were no hard feelings between them and he could be grateful for the rest from his work for the time being.

"Don't worry and don't listen to what other people are saying. Between you and me, everything is settled," she said.

Watch the full video here.

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