PSA: Don't Drink Raw Milk As It Can Cause Severe Bacterial Infection

The warning was issued by the Selangor Health Department.

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Drinking raw or unpasteurised milk could cause illness to humans as it could be contaminated due to pollution or infection in animals

The Selangor Health Department yesterday issued a warning in which it reminded consumers not to drink raw or unpasteurised milk that is not properly processed.

According to a report in Bernama, the reminder was issued following the cases of goat milk from a farm in Pulau Indah was detected to have contained Brucella bacteria.

The Brucella strains can survive inside human cells and spread to many different organs, causing brucellosis, also known as Malta fever.

"Samples taken from the farm found that the milk contained Brucella bacteria as well as violating Section 13 (1) of the Food Act 1983.

"The incident involves eight people who showed the symptoms after drinking goat's milk from the farm recently," its director Dr Khalid Ibrahim was quoted saying.

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Drinking raw milk is risky for individuals with low levels of immune system especially the elderly, pregnant women and children

According to Dr Khalid, the composition of raw milk contaminated with pollution or infection in animals provided a good medium for the growth of various harmful bacteria including Brucella spp. and Mycobacterium spp.

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If you are buying raw milk, make sure to properly boil it first

"When buying raw milk, make sure to properly boil it first before drinking.

"Consumers are advised to drink pasteurised milk such as those with the ultra-heat treatment or ultra-high temperature treatment (UHT) apart from taking note of the storage method and expiry date," Dr Khalid said, as reported by Bernama.

The symptoms associated with the consumption of raw milk:

Diarrhoea (sometimes bloody),
Abdominal pain,
Headache, and
Body aches.

In the event you may experience any of these symptoms, you are advised to seek treatment at a nearby clinic immediately, the Selangor Health Department said.

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