This Restaurant In Pavilion Is Offering RM3K For Their Dishwashers & M'sians Are Shook

BRB, signing the application form.

Cover image via Malaysia Shopping Mall (Facebook) & Little Coffee Hamster (Facebook)

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Tai Er, a popular Sichuan cuisine restaurant, recently announced that it is opening its first branch in Malaysia

When it first opened in Singapore last year, the restaurant received overwhelmingly positive feedback, reported Viral Cham.

After learning that people adore their cuisine, the restaurant announced the opening of another branch in Bukit Bintang's famous shopping mall, Pavillion Kuala Lumpur.

The restaurant began hiring new employees in preparation for its December opening, and the salaries listed for their jobs have piqued Malaysians' interest.

The restaurant's job vacancy signage quickly went viral after it was shared on social media

According to the image posted on Malaysia Shopping Mall's Facebook page, the restaurant is looking to hire several new employees, including a restaurant manager, a head chef, a management trainee, and, of course, a dishwasher.

However, social media users were only interested in one position, the dishwasher.

"You are giving dishwashers RM3,000 monthly salary? Hello, my boss is only paying me xxxx per month," read the image's caption.

Astounded by the eatery's salary listing, some Malaysians are rethinking their career choices

One user commented that they realised they should have just been a dishwasher instead of wasting their time obtaining a college degree and becoming indebted as a result.

Image via Facebook

Another commented that even with a high salary, Malaysians would still refuse to work as dishwashers.

"If they hire a foreigner, you guys will then blame the employer for not hiring locals," he said.

Image via Facebook

Another person questioned if Malaysians even have the will to wash their dishes at home without complaining.

Image via Facebook

Meanwhile, one user posted a job vacancy sign from the same restaurant, but for its Singapore branch.

Based on the picture, the restaurant is hiring dishwashers at a higher rate, offering them SGD3,350 (RM10,655).

Image via Facebook

Last month, an OnlyFans creator went viral for sharing a job vacancy on her personal website for the role of "OnlyFans Personal Assistant":

In October, a Facebook post went viral after claiming that Malaysians with a college degree can earn up to SGD3,000 (RM10,000) per month as cleaners in Singapore:

Earlier this year, a vacancy post at Changi went viral because of its high salary offer for Malaysians:

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