S'porean Ferrari Crashes Into Ditch After Failing To Overtake Another Ferrari In Kelantan

Almost ten Singapore-registered Ferraris can be seen driving dangerously on a two-lane road.

Cover image via @sitirohayahahmad_85 (TikTok)

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A TikTok video of Singapore-registered Ferraris driving recklessly down a road in Kelantan recently went viral

TikTok user @sitirohayahahmad_85 shared the 36-second video in which several Ferraris can be seen dangerously overtaking her vehicle on a narrow road.

"Overtaking on a two-lane road. Thank God we did not get into an accident because they were so close to us," she said.

The woman then posted a subsequent video showing that a yellow Ferrari had crashed into a ditch

She said in the caption that the yellow Ferrari tried overtaking a red one in front of them, but the driver's attempt failed and the red Ferrari crashed into her vehicle.

Another TikTok user, @melhaiqal, posted a video of the incident from a different angle, in which he also encountered the Ferraris on the same road.

It shows him passing by the same yellow Ferrari that had crashed, but this time, several motorcyclists are seen attempting to assist the driver.

He speculated in the video that the yellow Ferrari had lost control while attempting to avoid the road potholes and consequently crashed into a ditch.

Based on the two videos, almost ten Singapore-registered Ferraris can be seen driving dangerously on the two-lane road.

Netizens were outraged by the carelessness of these drivers

A user questioned the rationale behind the driver's attempt to overtake other vehicles on a two-way road.

Another commented that a RM300 fine means nothing to these drivers.

"Even if they received a fine, they would just laugh because they would only have to pay in ringgit," said another.

Watch the Ferrari crashing into the ditch here:


yg kuning memotong yg merah himpit kereta aku...nasib baik aku selamat...ko yg terbabas...dr kelantan tadi lagi puak2ni

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