Sabahan Shares How He Was Moved To Tears By An Old Couple’s Undying Love For Each Other

The story was shared by Yunizam Yusop, who is known for his charitable work.

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A Facebook post detailing an elderly man's undying love for his wife who had just pass away is making netizens tear up

The story was shared by Yunizam Yusop, or more fondly known as 'Abam Botak'.

Yunizam was called up by the elderly man's neighbour and he was told that the extremely impoverished man needed his funeral service at Kampung Tanah Merah in Sandakan, Sabah.

The elderly man's wife had just passed away on 12 November.

Without hesitation, Yunizam agreed to the request, knowing full well that he would be providing a shroud and hearse van service for free.

The post was shared over 1,200 times and garnered thousands of 'sad' reactions.

When Yunizam arrived at the senior citizen's home on the burial day, he was greeted with a tight hug from the old man

"He came to hug me tightly. He said thank you very much for helping him in his late wife," Yunizam related.

"His tears started streaming. I couldn't hold back my tears and began crying with him."

The elderly man then led Yunizam to the kitchen to show him where his late wife's body would be bathed.

Yunizam was shocked by what he saw when he walked into the kitchen

The kitchen was bare, with no appliances and the walls were patched up with wooden boards.

It was turned into a space to clean the body of the man's late wife.

"Look at my kitchen, there is nothing here. Not even cooking gas is here," said the man.

"There is nothing I could give you in return for your help."

Yunizam learned that the man had no children, no property to his name.

Yunizam kept a straight face as the man was talking, but related that he was actually crying inside

"There are people who are struggling more than me," Yunizam thought.

He said the couple only ate plain rice bought from a nearby market.

"I asked how they cooked without gas. The husband told me they bought rice for 50 sen from the market and would only buy side dishes if they had extra money," Yunizam related.

"I couldn't control my tears when I heard that. The husband used to work at a supermarket but he had to quit when he fell sick."

The couple rented the house for RM100 per month, but if they only had RM1, that is what they paid the landlord

"(Fortunately), the landlord never forced the couple to pay up," Yunizam shared.

"The landlord took however much the couple could afford."

Yunizam was relieved that the man's neighbours had helped to bath the body of the man's late wife and made arrangements for other funeral-related matters.

However, when it was time for the burial ceremony, the man said he could not bring himself to go to the cemetery

"When they wanted to bury his wife, he said he couldn't do it," Yunizam said, reported Malay Mail.

He said he was too saddened by the fact that there will be no one with him anymore after this.

"At that point, I cried too because it was so sad. Their love is so strong but I'm glad because the funeral went smoothly."

Despite all that, Yunizam said the couple still had a wonderful life together.

"What inspired me and taught me a lesson was that they were both loyal to each other until the end of their lives," Yunizam ended the post, moving hundreds of netizens to tears.

Netizens flooded the Facebook post to leave their well wishes

"Amen. I was choked up by the tragic story," a netizen cried.

"Hope that God will make things easier for this uncle and wish that his wife's soul will be under His mercy. Amen," another netizen added.

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"God almighty... I am saddened by the uncle's story... my heartfelt condolences to the uncle," one netizen commented.

"We have to always remind ourselves, despite our hardships, there are people living a more difficult life. Always be grateful for always."

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You can read Yunizam's full post here:

SETIA HINGGA HUJUNG NYAWA. Setiap hari, dunia ini pasti akan ada cerita yang amat menyedihkan dan menyayukan hati....

Posted by Abam Botak on Wednesday, November 13, 2019

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