Netizens Call Out Owner Of Sambal Nyet Khairi For Allegedly Copying Khairulaming's Product

"This is not the first time this has happened," said the business owner and influencer.

Cover image via @khairulaming (Instagram)

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A business owner was recently called out on social media after netizens claimed that his product allegedly resembled Khairulaming's popular condiment, Sambal Nyet

A user on X noticed that the packaging and stickers of the product the business owner was selling looked rather familiar.

The user also included several photos of the product in the post, revealing that the business owner used the name 'Sambal Nyet Khairi', written in a font that allegedly resembled that of Khairulaming's Sambal Nyet. The two products also had similar logos. 

Furthermore, customers who had purchased the product also received a card from the business owner, expressing gratitude to those who supported the product.

"You are an important motivation for us to continue striving to produce high-quality products that become favourites among the community.

"Please share the deliciousness with your friends or family, sincerely from the SNK team," read the card.

In a now-deleted TikTok post, the business claimed that Sambal Nyet Khairi received a tremendous response after it was made available on online platforms, with more than 800 units sold on Shopee and over 2,800 units sold on TikTok Shop

However, some customers who purchased the product left reviews claiming that they had mistakenly bought Sambal Nyet Khairi, confusing it with the original product from Khairulaming.

Image via TikTok
Image via TikTok
Image via @mhmdsywl (X)

Netizens defended the original Sambal Nyet in the comments section and urged Khairulaming to take legal action against the business for plagiarism

"Hopefully Khairulaming will proceed with legal action. They should patent the Sambel Nyet as well as its (packaging) design. If he sends a lawsuit, he will surely win," commented a user on X.

Image via X

"They copied the product, name, design, and even the card. These people are shameless," commented another.

Image via X

"I think we should all report this product to Shopee," wrote another.

Image via X

At the time of writing, Sambal Nyet Khairi's listing has been taken down on Shopee.

[UPDATE] Khairulaming Takes Legal Action Against Sambal Nyet Khairi For Copying His Product

In a recent update, Khairulaming has uploaded a video responding to the issue and said that he is determined to take legal action against Sambal Nyet Khairi's business.

"We have identified the seller and our lawyer has submitted a letter of demand for infringement of intellectual property rights and passing off.

"There are eight demands that we have listed, and if they fail to meet all of them, we will take this case to the next legal step. Sambal Nyet has registered the trademark with MyIPO and it was approved on 2 November 2021," said Khairulaming in a post.

Watch his full statement video here:

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