These Are The 9 Other Finalists For The 'Visit Malaysia 2020' Logo Competition

The winning entry eventually went to a 23-year-old graphic designer from Melaka.

Cover image via Twitter @luqmanhkm93

Following the fracas surrounding last year's much-derided 'Visit Malaysia 2020' logo, a new - and better - logo was finally unveiled yesterday by Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad

23-year-old graphic designer Alfred Phua Hong Fook's design beat hundreds of entries submitted for a logo competition, which was held earlier this year to find a replacement for the old logo. 

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The winning entry was actually chosen from 10 shortlisted submissions, and thanks to photographer Luqman Hakim, here are the nine other designs in the Top 10 list:










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Read more about the new logo and the rationale behind its design:

Meanwhile, Malaysians are now defending the new logo against inaccurate claims of plagiarism that have been circulating on social media:

Last year, after the old logo was unveiled to much criticism, local designers decided to take matters into their own hands to amazing results:

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