[VIDEO] BMW Driver Tries To Run Over A RELA Officer In Front Of A School In Shah Alam

The driver entered a no-entry lane and refused to listen to the officer's instructions to stop.

Cover image via Info Roadblock JPJ/POLIS (Facebook)

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Earlier this week, a BMW driver allegedly tried to run over a member of the People's Volunteer Corps (RELA) in front of a school in Shah Alam

According to the RELA officer, S Janagan, the incident happened at about 5.20pm on Wednesday, 5 May, when he was monitoring traffic along Jalan Anggerik Doritis 31/143 near SMK Kota Kemuning.

At the time of the incident, the road had been turned into a one-way route during peak hours for the safety of students. The instruction for which had come from the school principal and the residents association.

Prior to attempting to run over the RELA officer, the driver of the BMW 1 Series disregarded the no-entry instructions and entered the lane

When the BMW car entered the lane from the opposite side, Janagan tried to stop him. The driver, however, refused to listen to his instructions and attempted to run him over.

The incident was caught on a shot video which shows the BMW driver hitting Janagan, who was clad in a RELA uniform, before reversing only to move forward despite the RELA officer signalling him to stop.

In the video, the BMW is seen leaving the scene after having forced Janagan to move aside.

Following the incident, the RELA officer lodged a police report

According to Shah Alam district police chief ACP Baharudin Mat Taib, Janagan lodged a police report, stating that the BMW car driver had obstructed a public officer from carrying out his duties.

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Amidst the police investigation, the BMW driver has since apologised

A report in Malaysiakini quoted SMK Kota Kemuning's Parent and Teacher's Association chairperson Kamarudzaman Sanusi that they had set up a meeting between the driver and the officer.

Janagan is said to have accepted his apology.

"Let this serve as a lesson to road users to respect those who are doing their duty for the public, regardless of the circumstances," Kamarudzaman was quoted as saying.

Footage of the incident can be found below:

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