Video Shows A Man In Johor Filling Up A Pothole As Netizens Blame Authorities For Inaction

"Where are the local authorities? Where are the rakyat's representatives?"

Cover image via Persatuan Bangsa Johor/Facebook

Over the week, a man was captured on video getting out of his old Proton Iswara to fix a huge pothole in Taman Perling, Johor Bahru

Uploaded on the Persatuan Bangsa Johor Facebook page on Thursday, 12 December, the man was commended for his act

According to the Facebook page, the huge pothole looked like "a fishpond".

"Salute this uncle. He closed this pothole that looks like it has become a fishpond in front of KFC Perling to ensure the safety of others," read the post, adding that the man's car is unique in Johor Bahru.

In the video, that is slightly under 90 seconds, the man uses what appears like a hammer to break bricks kept on the side of the road

He is then seen using the brick pieces to spread over the pothole to close it up. The video shows the man continuously at it while other vehicles are seen driving by.

Meanwhile, the post then questions local authorities for inaction

This pothole has become like a fishpond and yet it has just been left like that.

"Where are the local authorities? Where are the rakyat's representatives?" questions the post.

Netizens, too, took to call out local authorities, with one commenting to say that nowadays "people can no longer depend on the authorities to do their job".

Watch the video here:

Earlier this year, photos of an old man in Johor cycling around with a small pail to fix potholes had gone viral:

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