Langkawi Fire Performer Drops Baton & Burns Woman's Leg Prompting Her To Release PSA

During the show, the dancers walked among the audience while performing with fire.

Cover image via @littlemisshappyfeet (Instagram)

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A Malaysian woman has taken to social media to warn others of the dangers of fire performances after she recently got burned in Langkawi

Vivian Dominique took to Instagram to share a video of a fire performer who had accidentally dropped his baton during their show at a popular bar on the island. 

She explained that she had been sitting in the second row. However, during the show, the dancers walked among the audience while performing with fire. While she initially felt fortunate not to be in the front row where others were more susceptible to danger, one of the performers accidentally dropped his fiery baton on her. 

Vivian described being stunned for a moment, but as soon as she realised what had happened, she immediately ran to the toilet to wash the burn with water for 20 minutes. 

Fortunately, she added that she's a doctor and knew how to administer first aid to herself.

Speaking to SAYS, Vivian revealed that the performer did offer an apology for the incident. However, when she reported the matter to the bar, they said that they could not take any action as these were external performers, not their employees.

She reiterated that no one had offered any help but she managed to get a bucket of ice from the bar after the incident to soothe the burn.

Additionally, she highlighted that if she had been wearing a long dress or trousers, they might have caught on fire, potentially escalating the situation further.

Vivian posted the video as a cautionary message, particularly for families with children, urging them to steer clear of bars that permit "external performers" on their premises, as these establishments disclaim any responsibility in case of mishaps

She also emphasised the importance of keeping a safe distance when watching fire performances.

In her caption, she advised, "For families with children, there are way better things to do in Langkawi than this. Avoid at all cost."

She also tagged the Ministry of Tourism, Arts, and Cultur, urging them to implement stricter regulations for such activities.

SAYS reached out to the bar for a statement and they mentioned that they had offered to bring the woman to a clinic but she had refused.

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