"Women Have Contributed A Lot" - IMU Student Officially Apologises For Sexist FB Comments

Kiren Raj issued the apology at a press conference earlier today, 18 March.

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Kiren Raj, the IMU student who faced backlash for his controversial comments, has officially apologised to the public earlier today, 18 March

"I never meant to cause harm, please forgive me," the 26-year-old said while reading from a letter, according to China Press

"I never meant the comments to be derogatory to women. Women have contributed a lot to society. We must always treat them respectfully," he added. 

The Star reported that Kiren was speaking at a press conference at Wisma MCA today. Datuk K. Kumaraendran, together with lawyer Teh See Khoon, were present with him.

Kiren Raj

Image via China Press

The final year medical student also expressed regret for his ignorance

"I'm so sorry I was ignorant in making those comments... Sometimes we say things that are not appropriate and we should be responsible and apologise," Kiren said. 

"We should learn to re-evaluate ourselves and better ourselves... This is sincere from the bottom of my heart," he added. 

According to The Star, Kiren also apologised to the family members of Emily Kong for the comment he left under a news article about her death. 

Image via China Press

Kiren then pleaded to all parties to accept his apology

"I appeal to all of you, please accept my apology," he said. 

The 26-year-old had also retracted the sexist and insensitive comments he left on Facebook.

"The comments were my imaginations in nature... I am deeply remorseful that my comments have offended many citizens," Kiren said, according to theSun

"I would never do anything like this again. Please give me a second chance," he added.

The medical student revealed that he has gone for counselling over the incident

The Star reported Kiren as saying that counselling has been helpful to him. He is also prepared to face any formal action against him. 

Meanwhile, the 26-year-old has not been called up by the police over the matter.

Kiren's apology can be viewed here:

Editor's note: A previous version of this article states Datuk K. Kumaraendran as Kiren Raj's cousin. The oversight has been corrected.

Here's a recap of Kiren's incident:

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