You Could Be Fined RM2,000 For Buying 'Jeruk Buah' At Traffic Light Junctions

Police said such business activities endanger both the traders and road users.

Cover image via Farizul Hafiz Awang/New Straits Times

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Not only are 'jeruk buah' peddlers operating at traffic lights committing an offence, but motorists who support these traders will also find themselves on the wrong side of the law too

Speaking at a press conference yesterday, 15 March, Johor police chief CP Datuk Ayob Khan Mydin Pitchay said conducting businesses at traffic light junctions is a punishable offence because it endangers both the traders and road users.

"Through Ops Kesedaran, the Johor police have identified 52 locations that have become venues for business activities at traffic light intersections throughout Johor," Kosmo! quoted him as saying.

"According to the provisions of the law, not only traders can be prosecuted, but buyers can also be fined not more than RM2,000."

Image via Kosmo!

Ayob urges these traders to look for other selling methods that are both safe and in accordance with national laws

With that said, he added that the police have yet to receive any reports of accidents involving business activities at traffic light junctions.

Utusan Malaysia reported that peddlers operating at traffic light junctions are becoming increasingly popular not only in Johor, but also in the Klang Valley.

Among the items that are sold at these locations are mango asam boi and various types of drinks.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, a tweet carrying the news has gone viral with over 2,600 retweets

Some netizens can be seen agreeing with the police in stopping the prevalence of these 'traffic light traders'.

"I agree with this, it's dangerous. It's really dangerous. Safety must come first even if you want to make a living," commented a person.

"Selling like this is dangerous. I don't know who started this culture. That day, I almost collided with a motorcycle," added another Twitter user.

Image via Twitter

Other netizens said that the phenomenon shows that the government has failed to provide quality employment in the country.

"If there is the presence of people trading on the roadsides, doesn't that mean the government has failed to provide quality jobs for Malaysians?" questioned a netizen.

One person suggested that instead of fining the traders, the authorities should fine the business owners who hire these peddlers to sell the items at the traffic light junctions.

Image via Twitter

In January, a group of traders were fined for selling items at traffic light junctions in Taiping, Kedah:

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