This Malaysian Game Studio Was Announced As Part Of Apple's New Gaming Service

Kurechii is the studio behind popular mobile game 'Postknight'.

Cover image via Apple Insider (Edited by SAYS) & Postknight

On Tuesday, 10 September, Apple revealed more details about its dedicated gaming service, 'Apple Arcade'

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First announced back in March, Apple Arcade will now offer over 100 new and exclusive titles to players in over 150 countries upon its launch on Friday, 20 September.

It offers a buffet of games from 35 different studios, including Disney, Konami, Lego, and Sega at just RM19.90 per month.

Amongst the all the logos that were projected on-screen during the presentation, one in particular stood out: Malaysia-based game studio Kurechii

Eagle-eyed Malaysians were quick to spot the studio's logo in a local Facebook group.

"Malaysian game company Kurechii is one of the feature (sic) developers for Apple Arcade. Congrats to Yiwei P'ng and team," the post read.

Speaking to SAYS, Kurechii founder Yiwei P'ng confirmed that it was Kurechii's logo featured onstage during the presentation

Unfortunately, P'ng could not provide any additional information at the moment due to restrictions by Apple.

He added that the team is thrilled and that they cannot wait to share the news with the world.

P'ng during a 2017 interview.

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Kurechii has released a number of mobile games, most notably the award-winning 'Postknight'

Image via Postknight

'Postknight' earned the Grand Prix award at the 2nd International Mobile Gaming Awards Southeast Asia, and during Google Play's Best Games of 2017, was voted 'Best Indie' and 'Best To Pick Up & Play'.

Kurechii has also won multiple awards for 'Tiny Guardians' and 'The King's League' series.

You can find the rest of Kurechii's games here.

Congratulations on your new milestone, Kurechii!

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