Coway Turns 15! Stand To Win RM4 Million Worth Of Prizes When You Buy Or Rent These Items

More than 15,000 lucky winners get to walk away with a prize.

Cover image via Coway

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This Spotlight is sponsored by Coway. 

Guysssss, Coway just turned 15, woohoo!

Since 2006, Coway has been making an impact on every Malaysian, by offering innovative solutions and modern products to every home.

From providing clean water to fresh air, and a pristine environment, Coway strives to make the world a better, cleaner, and safer place as a whole. 

Additionally, the brand has always believed that a better world comes from a healthy environment and happy people. That's why Coway also contributes heavily to humanitarian issues and improving people's well-being. 

From now until 24 May, Coway wants to show their appreciation to all customers by running a huge contest that has over RM4 million worth of prizes to be won. Yay, happy birthday Coway!

Image via Coway

What's cool is that over 15,000 lucky winners will get to walk away with a cool prize that's sure to level up your home. 

Check out the amazing prizes to be won: 

Grand Prize worth up to RM40,000 each (x15 winners) 
1. Premium Coway Product + Branded Home Living Appliances 
2. Premium Coway Products + Branded Home Appliance 
3. Premium Coway Product + Branded Kitchenware Appliances 
4. Premium Coway Products + Branded Washing Appliance 

Consolation Prize worth RM240 each (x15,000 winners) 
Complimentary one-time Coway Mattress Care service 

Ready to win one of the big prizes for your home? Here's what you gotta do:

Step 1: Find an authorised Coway dealer near you
Step 2: Purchase or rent selected Coway products
Step 3: And win!

That's right. All you gotta do is purchase or rent any of Coway's selected products in order to stand a chance to win one of the prizes! Other than that, the more Coway products you get, the higher your chances of winning.

Wait, there's more... There are selected products that increase your chances of winning too!

Here's the list of selected Coway products:

3 entries: One unit of KECIL Water Purifier or BATERI BIDET
2 entries: One unit of OMBAK Water Purifier, LUCY Water Purifier, INCEPTION Water Purifier, or PRIME Series Mattress
1 entry: One unit of any Water Purifier or BIDET not mentioned above, Air Purifiers, Outdoor Water Filter, or Water Softener.

Not sure which one you wanna get? Check out some of the cool highlights of these products:

1. Coway KECIL Water Purifier

Image via Coway

Retail price: RM3,590 + free one-year service
Monthly rental: RM115 + free five-year service

KECIL is a compact water purifier that is only seven inches in width, which means the device fits any small spaces in your kitchen perfectly.

Not only is this water purifier sure to keep you hydrated and refreshed, but its sleek and minimalist design will also spruce up your kitchen. Your kitchen will ultimately look more premium and classy with this small yet mighty water purifier with its one-touch extraction.

Additionally, the device also extracts up to five different water temperatures with four different volume settings. All you gotta do is tap once to get your desired temperature and volume. Simple, yet functional.


Image via Coway

Retail price: RM1,390 + free one-year service
Monthly rental: RM49 + free five-year service

Do you always end up with a wet floor or simply having a messy experience each time you answer nature's call in your toilet? Frustrating, right?

Coway's BATERI BIDET is set to provide you with a whole new hands-free cleansing experience with its user-friendly one-touch panel.

It comes with adjustable water pressures and directions, so all you need to do is sit back and let it do all the washing. Plus, you get to reduce waste by cutting down on using toilet paper too.

Besides that, its slim and functional design makes a nice addition to your bathroom. Suitable for all ages and also physically challenged individuals, the BATERI BIDET is fully battery-operated. It also has a soft closing seat cover and smart seat sensor.

3. Coway PRIME Series Mattress

Image via Coway

Retail price (mattress only):
Super Single: RM5,380 + free one-year service
Queen: RM5,780 + free one-year service
King: RM6,380 + free one-year service

Monthly rental (mattress only):
Super Single: RM129 + free five-year service
Queen: RM139 + free five-year service
King: RM159 + free five-year service

The PRIME Series Mattress comes in different sizes – King size, Queen size, and Super Single size, all of which are designed to support anyone and ensure a good night's sleep.

In fact, the mattress is highly versatile for different body shapes and sizes. If you're a back sleeper, you can opt for the firm mattress, while side sleepers would prefer the soft mattress.

Best of all, the mattress comes with a regular seven-step mattress care service to ensure your mattress is at the optimum hygiene level, plus in tip-top condition.

4. Coway OMBAK Water Purifier

Image via Coway

Retail price: RM4,300 + free one-year service
Monthly rental: RM140 + free five-year service

OMBAK is Coway's best-selling water purifier as it comes with tonnes of cool features, including the largest hot water tank among all Coway table-top water purifiers.

Catered especially for Malaysians, this device is perfect if you live with a big family and need adequate water storage. Other than that, OMBAK comes with UV sterilisation to ensure the water consumed is always safe and clean.

Aside from its features, Coway has also thoughtfully designed OMBAK with modern and sleek touches, so it makes a nice addition to your overall kitchen look.  

Upgrade your home with sleek yet functional products from Coway today and stand to win big prizes! Find out more here.

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