Buy Any Coway Products And Stand A Chance To Win Home Makeovers Worth Up To RM500,000!

Just imagine how cantik it's gonna look omgggg!

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Jealous of all those home makeovers that went viral on social media?

Like this guy who transformed his bedroom into something that looks like it came out of Pinterest.

Or this girl who DIY-ed a gorgeous kitchen island.

And of course, we can't forget about the guy who turned his bedroom into a spaceship, fuyohhhh!

Well, now's your chance to win your very own home makeover! Just imagine how cantik it's gonna look omgggg, confirm totally Insta-worthy! *heart eyes*

Image via Coway

All you have to do is join Coway's Change Your Life contest that's running from now until 25 October 2020. Five lucky winners could win home makeovers worth up to RM500,000, yaaaaas!

You just have to purchase any Coway products to automatically be in the running to win! Depending on what you buy, you'll get a different number of contest entries.

Here's the breakdown:
- 3 entries: Purchase 1 mattress and 1 home appliance product
- 2 entries: Purchase 2 mattresses or 2 home appliance products
- 1 entry: Purchase 1 mattress or 1 home appliance product

Note: Home appliances include their water purifier, air purifier, water softener, bathroom bidet, and outdoor filter.

Coway has always been committed to providing a better and healthier environment to all Malaysians

Through their wide range of home appliances, which include items for the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and living room, Coway is all about helping you live a better, healthier lifestyle.

Their new brand statement, 'Change Your Life', is their way of encouraging you to transform yourself into a better you, with fresh air, clean water, and good sleep.

Watch the video below to see how:

Check out some of their popular appliances below:

1. The KECIL water purifier is a perfect space-saver for small homes

Image via Coway

If you love the minimalist style, this is the water purifier for you. At just 7-inches wide, with compact and aesthetic design, it can fit perfectly into any kitchen area. You can choose different temperature and volume settings with just one touch, and its direct water purification system allows you and your family to enjoy clean purified water throughout the day.

2. Built to eliminate harmful pollutants, gasses, and irritants, Coway's LOMBOK III will improve the air quality in your home

Image via Coway

This air purifier has a Resistive Barrier Discharge (RBD) plasma system and ioniser, eliminating particulate matter and static electricity from your indoor air. Plus, it even has a fine dust and odour indicator that helps you easily gauge the air quality in your home.

3. Enjoy a 5-star hotel quality mattress every night from as low as RM4.60! Check out the super comfy Coway Prime Series Mattress Coway Prime Series Mattress

Image via Coway

Coway is the first in Malaysia to offer premium mattress rental with regular mattress care service. The anti-static fabric in Coway’s mattresses is able to reduce body static by absorbing and releasing it into the air.

Ever spilled coffee on your mattress while you had breakfast in bed? Or had your baby pee or poo on the bed? Not all stains can be removed, Coway’s mattress also comes with a changeable mattress topper which is less expensive than replacing the entire mattress.

It even has a 5-zone pocket spring system that adapts to your natural body curves and weight. Plus, it also helps to reduce motion transfer and disturbance from a restless partner.

4. Coway's BAMBOO is the first outdoor filter with an all-in-one controller

The best part about BAMBOO is its Automatic Flush Timer, which allows it to flush the filter at a pre-set time. This is key in ensuring that the filtration system constantly maintains its 99.99% effectiveness in filtering contaminants and impurities.

5. Want soft skin and silky hair? The LILY water softener can help you achieve that.

Image via Coway

This filter ensures gentle and safe soft water, for even the most delicate skin and hair. It's equipped with a sediment filter with vitamin C, to nourish the skin and effectively remove floating materials, rust, and chlorine.

What are you waiting for? Don't miss out and join Coway's Change Your Life contest now—your stunning home makeover awaits!

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