Facebook Is Already Testing Its New Dating Feature. Here’s A Sneak Peek At How It Works

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Looks like Facebook’s dating feature may soon be rolled out to all the singles in your area!

According to app researcher Jane Manchun Wong’s tweets last week, Facebook employees are already testing out the new service, which was announced in May.

Wong noted that one of the key sub-features is the Conversation Starter, which helps you break the ice by discussing common interests or with pick-up line templates

The Conversation Starter allows users to pick something from the other person’s profile to start a conversation with, such as a picture or a page they’ve liked on Facebook.

The dating feature will also introduce Communities, which allows users to browse groups or events in their city as well as enable them to meet matches that have joined the same groups or events.

The leaked screenshots also showcase the signup process for a Facebook dating profile, which is an opt-in on its mobile app and can be deleted at any time

This new dating profile is accessible through your existing standard Facebook profile, but your matches will only see your dating profile.

You will only be matched with non-friends that fit your dating preferences. You will also be able to choose whether friends of friends can see you or not.

The Tinder-like feature was first announced by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg during the company’s F8 developer conference on 1 May

Image via Buzzfeed

Zuckerberg said that Facebook dating will be added as an optional feature to the existing mobile app.

Tons of relationships are started online and over 20 million users list themselves as single, so Facebook saw an opportunity. The design interface also gives off a much more mature vibe compared to Tinder, which essentially means that it's leaning towards creating and building meaningful and long-term relationships, instead of hook-ups.

In the past few months, Facebook has also rolled out several new features for its social media products:

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